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  • Apple Store app updates lets iPhone buyers bypass carrier preauthorization

    it's about time, the carrier preauthorization check always got overloaded on launch day, never seemed to work on business accounts, and all that has to be done to active the phone without preauthorization is swapping out the SIM from the old iPhone.
  • As rumors of custom Apple MacBook CPUs persist, Microsoft teases ARM Windows laptops with ...

    All that would remain would be backwards-compatibility measures similar to "Rosetta" allowing for PowerPC code to run on Intel processors, or a "fat binary" implementation that long-time Mac users are familiar with from the migration from 680x0 to PowerPC.

    Actually they don't need either.  They have the technology already to do final compilation into machine code at install time based on the device the app is being installed on. Apps can be optimized for processors that didn't even exist when they were created.  They already do this in the iOS App Store.  And they already do the reverse, the iOS simulators that developers use all of the time run x86 code, not ARM code.

    Both OSes are designed to be processor independent.
  • watchOS 4.1 will bring LTE music and radio streaming to Apple Watch Series 3

    I don't know if it's because we have a business account, but Verizon has yet to be able to activate LET on our apple watches.  I called Friday to get it set up, they failed, I gave them a few days to figure it out and tried again today and it still doesn't work. Either they didn't do enough training, or they somehow didn't manage to think business customers would buy these.  I've been on the call for 90 minutes now, and have had multiple people tell me to insert a SIM card into my watch.
  • Apple to launch 4K Apple TV model at September iPhone event

    kevin kee said:
    And nobody ever thought to download Remote? I only use my iPhone/iPad to remote control my ATV, makes all that typing much easier.

    Kids lost the ATV remote.  It's in the room somewhere, can't find it.  I use the remote app.  Every new day I go to use the app, it fails to connect.  I have to unplug the Apple TV and plug it back in, wait for it to reboot, then the app connects.  I decided to replace the physical remote until I saw it costs nearly half the price of a new Apple TV.  It seems like a complete waste of money when the 4K UHD Apple TV will be out in a few weeks.

    Apple does need to do something about the pricing.  Something is wrong when the Apple remote costs nearly as much as the 4K UHD Roku.  Apple's not just competing with that, it's competing with the free smart TV software that's already built into many TV's.