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  • Apple announces Apple TV+ service with Apple's unique programming, coming this Fall

    Oprah?  LOL.    Apple TV+ sounds like it's going to be trash. 

    Honestly the Apple Credit Card was the most exciting announcement.  The rest of the stuff is stuff looks standard fare  B List Actors and Directors.  
    Probably just save my money and watch it grow in the Apple Wallet app.  
    Spielberg is B List? Abrams? Howard? Hahaha okay, wow. Nobody is forcing you to watch Oprah’s documentaries, but get real. 
    Abrams couldn't  resurrect the Star Trek franchise even after cheating with an alternate timeline.  He's B-List Director and that's being kind.   Spielberg has been primarily doing Executive Production duties he's not Directed a lot projects lately.  I have faith in him but we'll see.   There were no Chris Nolan's up on stage.  Shamaylan is another B-List Director.  With the talent Apple brought up there's no way they can claim they have the best talent.  Witherspoon and Oprah's last movie bombed. 
    Spielberg is as productive as ever as a director.  He has directed a movie each of the last 4 years, two of the 4 were nominated for best picture,  the movie he directed last year grossed $582 million (#12 for the year).
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    patentcad said:
    As a life-long Democrat, it always amazes me how they manage to shoot themselves in the foot. Amazing.
    They have the easiest to win election ever, and they are trying to hand the presidency back to Trump.
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  • What makes a good AR or VR headset and why Apple is positioned to dominate the space

    saltyzip said:
    I think VR headsets will go the way of 3D on Television, into room 101, extinct in other words.
    You clearly haven't used them.  They are already fantastic and are getting better and cheaper going forward. My vive has almost completely replaced television for entertainment and is a fantastic for exercise too.
  • Apple's smart glasses can change the game in a niche augmented & virtual reality market

    bluefire1 said:
    While I’m a huge Apple fan, I’m not a fan of wearing glasses other then for vision. Period.

    find someone with a Vive or Rift VR system and play Beat Saber, you'll probably change your mind.
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2018 conference call

    linkman said:
    AppleInsider said:
    • This fall, iTunes will be the largest repository of Dolby Atmos movies anywhere.
    And very few devices will support it. Hopefully Apple TV has the update by that time as previously announced.
    The Apple TV update is what they are talking about.