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  • Audacity 3.0 called spyware over data collection changes by new owner

    I'm glad that I'm still on version 2.4.1 - one advantage of being on an old MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina - there's no pressure to update!!
  • Outage of iCloud Mail prevents some users from accessing email

    cg27 said:
    Have been thinking to switch my main email account to iCloud, mainly for security/privacy reasons - would appreciate any recommendations, pros/cons, dislikes, etc.  (I’ve given up on online reviews of just about everything.)
    I made the switch from using Outlook as one of my email accounts a few months ago and apart from today with this outage, I cannot recall any problems. 

  • French regulator starts privacy probe into Apple ad tools

    In October 2020, advertisers and publishers filed a complaint with competition regulator ADLC over ATTT, claiming users would effectively be asked about tracking twice due to following GDPR data protection rules.

    It'll make virtually no difference - I seem to get asked nearly every other visit on some sites to confirm my GDPR preferences - its almost as if they think that I will eventually give up saying no to advertising cookies etc if they ask often enough. More likely I'll just stop using the site!
  • Supply chain gearing up for late 2021 MacBook Pro with mini LED displays

    Hmmm - might be enough for me to upgrade from my 15’ mid 2012 rMBP - 14’ might be an acceptable compromise between screen size & cost!
  • Intel targets M1 weaknesses in 'You're not on a Mac' ad campaign

    spheric said:
    danox said:
    Well, yeh, those are two critical weaknesses in the M1 Mac line.

    Nothing else matters if your computer cannot do the computing you need it to do.

    Likewise, Apple has fallen behind the industry as it failed to produce a viable 2 in 1.    Telling people to just  buy a second computer is silly.
    Yeh, the iPad definitely has the innate capability to be a very capable 2 in 1.   But so far weaknesses in iPadOS are constraining it from reaching its full capabilities.

    Come on Apple!  You opened the door for the Mac to take full advantage of Apple's cohesive Ecosystem.  But, you can't keep it handcuffed.  You need to:
    1)   Support Microsoft in producing a viable ARM edition of Windows.   To simply blame Microsoft after Apple moved away from it is silly.
    2)   Upgrade the iPad so it can compete with the 2 in 1's.   The best way to do that might be to let it switch from iPadOS to MacOS as it goes from tablet mode to laptop mode.   It can be done.   Others have already done similar.

    Steve knew that it was more important to give users what they needed rather than simply producing a slick product. 
    Apple needs to remember that.

    Apple doesn’t need Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and now Intel to sell a great product, soon Qualcomm, and AMD will join that list in the rear view mirror.

    And by the way the Surface is a placeholder like the Pixel line of smartphones a me too product going nowhere.

    Helping Microsoft a what laugh.....

    No, Apple doesn't need them -- but Apple customers do.
    And, instead of walking away from Intel and thumbing their noses at Microsoft (very childish!) they need to help them build/upgrade a version of Windows that an M1 Mac can boot from Bootcamp.   For an Apple customer, its a fall back, an insurance policy, in case they have to run something that won't run on MacOS.
    How many users actually stilll rely upon Bootcamp, though? Things are really very different from fifteen years ago. 
    I remember waiting for OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to come out with Bootcamp as part of the standard build before buying my first Mac (a white MacBook) as I knew that there was some software I used that was only available on Windows. I found however that after 2/3 years I no longer needed to use Bootcamp, as either Mac versions of the software became available or I found alternatives.

    Whilst I understand that there are some people that still need Bootcamp, I agree that things are very different nowadays.