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  • Outage of iCloud Mail prevents some users from accessing email

    cg27 said:
    Have been thinking to switch my main email account to iCloud, mainly for security/privacy reasons - would appreciate any recommendations, pros/cons, dislikes, etc.  (I’ve given up on online reviews of just about everything.)
    I made the switch from using Outlook as one of my email accounts a few months ago and apart from today with this outage, I cannot recall any problems. 

  • Apple Watch continues to help save lives in a variety of ways

    spice-boy said:

    spice-boy said:
    A very close friend of mine who is 52 hard a heart attack while out running recently, he was wearing his Apple Watch 5. He told me the day after that is Apple Watch never signaled anything was wrong before or during the attack. My point don't put too much weight behind what Apple claims about this device. 

    Apple is very clear and states repeatidly that the watch will NOT warn of heart attack.    It can't.  
    Faulting Apple Watch for not detecting a heart attack is like faulting a Porsche for not being able to haul a yard of topsoil.
    I've never seen that statement from Apple could you point it out to me? My friend was running not driving a car or digging a ditch. He fortunately lives in Sweden so the hospital stay and test and treatment was all covered by that countries universal care. Just hope you don't experience a hear attack. 
    I think the reason could be that he lives in Sweden - I've not heard of that being one of the countries where the EKG function is enabled.
  • NAS roundup: Best network attached storage options for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users

    Soli said:
    entropys said:
    QNAP TS-251+ would the equivalent of the synology listed here. In some ways works better.  
    I'm not sure if this is the correct word, but I wish it was more user friendly as its not something I'd recommend to those that aren't tech savvy or willing to put some effort into learning how to use the UI or properly securing the device.
    Having done some research I went Synology (218 Play) rather than QNAP because the consensus appeared to be that although the hardware wasn’t as powerful, the apps were more ‘polished’ and easier for a first timer to use. I’m still learning what it can do!