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  • Apple considering ruggedized Apple Watch for release as soon as 2021

    macapfel said:
    Makes sense, as Apple Watch is heavily used for sports and outdoors. 

    Actually, its the opposite.   The Apple Watch is already well suited to sports and outdoor activities.

    So:  Please point out any weaknesses you perceive that it has in that area because I am simply not aware of any except scratching of the crystal -- which can be limited with a sapphire crystal which is already available for those who want to pay for it.
    In fact, with fall detection and LTE, I feel far safer going outdoors with my watch.  In fact, I do not feel safe without it.   So, even if it were too delicate for outdoor use (which it isn't), those benefits would likely take precedence over any perceived weakness.
    Personally I’m on my third watch for motocross. First wreck in sand scratched the screen so bad it wouldn’t register touches correctly anymore and second was a rock to the screen. I tried the cases but the cases on the 38/40 is already a bit big for my wrist during activity — seems to always hit my wrist bone, where as the bare watch does not. 

    GPS plus apps and tying into fitness is why I use an Apple Watch over other brands. 

    I’d love this idea as long as it isn’t too nerfed on processing power. Titanium for dress and rugged for play. 
  • Intel wants to manufacture Apple Silicon

    If Apple decides to use M1 chips made by Intel, will Apple have to put those big blue stickers on their Macs that say "Intel Inside"?
    Can’t tell if serious. They didn’t on current line of macs that have intel. 
  • Intel wants to manufacture Apple Silicon

    jokes aside, US gov should either help TSMC build R&D centers and factories in the US, and/or companies like Apple should help save domestic chip manufacturing
    TSMC already has a fab in Camas, WA and they are building one out in AZ. Maybe build out another... if there is still demand after the AZ one is done (I know it’s getting close). 
  • Apple News+ publishers see subscriber benefits amid low revenue

    I did subscribe, I cancelled. It wasn't worth it when half the stories that were blocked I could get somewhere else or just weren't worth reading. Maybe I'm not the target audience though. I recently cancelled my NYTimes subscription as well. $40 a month for Sunday papers was just too high. I can't be the only one trying to avoid being nickel and dimed by subscription services.
  • Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR orders start December 10

    Super excited for this. My trashcan has done great through the years for software development, video editing / encoding and audio processing. I think it will become a rack computer as a git/web/3D model rendering server. I definitely got my money out of it and can't wait to get a new one.

    I think  did the right thing with this new design, it selfishly fits my needs perfectly. I can see how others may see the cost as a bit much to swallow. I believe  could have done more to make it a little easier to obtain for the average prosumer. Perhaps a different motherboard with a single cpu desktop configuration, sans-ECC memory and some other downgrades.

    For those of us that have been asking for a new Mac Pro on this scale, it's time to put our money where our mouth is to show this is what we wanted. Let  know there is a market and hopefully they will see it to produce smaller scale Mac Pros for prosumers.