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  • Apple updates USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter with HDMI 2.0 support

    Hmm, why not HDMI 2.1 or 2.2 when they first upgrade?

    Could it mean it now supports the "HDMI 2.x" family, including 2.1 and 2.2? Not sure how HDMI version numbers work and what is backwards compatible between versions.
    HDMI 2.1 is a whole new system that requires new hardware. 2.1 nearly tripled the bandwidth from 18Gbps -> 48Gbps. It allows up to 10k resolution @ 120fps. Highly unlikely this version was updated for that kind of bandwidth. :(

    Still a welcoming change as I haven’t seen a version that supports 60fps yet. 
  • Purged screen time monitoring apps misused enterprise tools, Schiller says

    We didn’t break any rules. They claimed we were changing code after review which we were not. The app couldn’t have been more native. It was nothing more than them not understanding what was happening. 

    Edit: I believe you’re missing the point I was making about their communication. 
  • Purged screen time monitoring apps misused enterprise tools, Schiller says

    First off, I completely agree with  here. Utilizing MDM certificates to obtain their goals is extremely irresponsible and they should know better. 

    With that hat being said  may not be so innocent. I have worked for a company in the past where they suddenly kicked an app of ours out of the store after it being there 7 years with monthly updates. The reasoning was quite vague. We had phone calls, escalated it up the chain but they just kept repeating the rule instead of telling us how it even applied to us. The crazy thing was we had other apps that did the same thing but they were hung up on this one. In the end we changed categories and the name of the app and then it was perfectly acceptable. But the entire lack of specifics is where the frustration stemmed from. We would have been more than happy to change the app if they could tell us what to do or what specifically was wrong.

    If these companies got the same runaround I can easily see how they could draw parallels to  sherlocking the industry. There seems to be a communication breakdown somewhere. 
  • Alongside efforts to drive coding competency, Apple releases Swift 5 with ABI compatibilit...

    swineone said:
    I'm a university professor and I'd love to teach Swift to my students. Unfortunately, very few of them can afford to buy Apple gear (not that I could mandate them to if they preferred Android anyway), and funding for our university is very hard to come by, so having an iPad for every student is absolutely out of the question. I wish Apple would release a web-based version of Swift Playgrounds, or perhaps an Android app.
    Check out the Swift open source website. Releases for Ubuntu / Debian are maintained. There are also some wrapped versions for Fedora / CentOS out there, but not official releases. https://swift.org/download/

    It is worth noting that the Swift 5 stable ABI does not apply to dynamic libraries (dylib). I believe Apple said that would come later this year. This means you can't really use Swift if you distribute libraries for others to use.
  • Google is violating Apple's iPhone app privacy rules the same way Facebook did [u: disable...

    "This was a mistake, and we apologize."

    How is signing up for the Enterprise Developer Program, coding an App and then making that App available through that same Enterprise certificate considered a "mistake"? This just doesn't happen by accident.

    But hey, didn't Google try to claim that writing specific code to take advantage of a Safari exploit to continue tracking also called a "mistake" by them?

    If these are mistakes, what does Google consider "intentional"?
    Not defending Google here... just saying that before I say this so you don't read into this incorrectly.

    I can easily see something like this slip under the radar at a corporation the size of Google. It wouldn't take much in development effort to pull it off and use their certificate. The right access privileges and you're off the races. With the number of engineers, engineering managers and people jockeying for position, I can imagine a scenario with a director saying something like "wow I wish would could swoop data on iOS devices in xyz fashion". Then a manager taking him literal and having an engineer work on it on the side. Semi-parallel to what happened at VW.

    I believe Computer Science and Software Engineering degrees should require engineering ethics courses. So much shadiness going on now days.