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  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Are their alternative Xbox stores? Can I side load games onto my Xbox?
    Came here to say the same thing. :/ Not to mention they had a store for Windows Mobile before they killed it off. 
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  • Woman gets 18 months behind bars for stealing $1M in iPods meant for Native American stude...

    But then again, there was that lady recently on an airplane that freaked out after it was discovered the "baby" she was "nursing" was a taxidermied lynx cat with googly eyes (if you haven't seen the video, it's worth looking up lol).
    That was staged. 

    I honestly don't get how people think they can get away with it either. I'd like to know more about her mental state. 
  • Compared: M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro versus Mac Pro

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    Let us all hope that Apple will sell ARM motherboards that will fit into the 2019 Mac Pro, along with driver support for at least the 1st party  dGPU modules, HDD modules, Afterburner modules, etc. They will hopefully sell 1st party 64 and 128 GPU core MPX modules too, for all the customers who just need more GPU compute.

    If the rumored half sized Apple Silicon Mac Pro starts at $2000, a full sized Mac Pro (2019 model) starts at $5000, and a Mac mini starts at $700, Apple will have a full headless desktop lineup spanning all the price tiers since 2006, just before the PPC to Intel transition. Even more so than back then even. That "half size Mac Pro" has to hit $2000 though.
    Hope away. Not gonna happen. Sell Apple Silicon mother boards that the user can swap out in the current Intel Mac Pro? Hilarious. Ridiculous.
    You can join along lkrupp, and hope with us! We need all the help we can get. 

    The 2019 Mac Pro is as modular a design as there is. As Lego as it can get. There aren’t any wires in it save for aux power for high Watt 3rd part dGPUs or PCIe cards. (Well, there is the speaker too). Owners don’t need any tools to take it apart, with everything accessible by hand with easy access everywhere. A machine to last for a decade or more. 

    So if there is ever machine where Apple sells a motherboard kit, the 2019 Mac Pro is it. 

    Not. Going. To. Happen. Apple Silicon is a totally different architecture.  It's literally a different way of building a computer.  It doesn't matter that the 2019 MP is Lego-like.  They would have to ensure that the board was compatible with everything from Afterburner cards to discreet RAM to GPUs.  While some of these may be options on a redesigned MP with Apple Silicon, they sure as hell aren't going to cannibalize new MP sales by offering a board that makes purchasing a new one unnecessary.  It would also be unprecedented for Apple.  Did they do anything of the kind when they went from G5 to Intel?  Of course not.  We're talking about an even greater transition here.  
    I agree it isnt going to happen. But it is precedented: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_Processor_Upgrade_Card
  • Compared: M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro versus Mac Pro

    I bought a 2019 Mac Pro - dual x5700, 64gb, afterburner, and 8 core (with intents to upgrade it to 24 core later). I also bought a XDR display. I knew the event was coming and bought within 12 days of the event. I honestly didn’t anticipate the new MBP being able to keep pace on 8k editing in Davinci Resolve and rendering in Cinema4d. I took it back and kept the XDR. The machine was a powerhouse, was sexy and honestly the coolest Apple product I owned in 25 years. But also comparing a $13k machine to a $3.5k machine that does about 98% of the performance, I couldn’t justify the price difference for my case. I can’t wait for the Apple Silicon Mac Pro. 
  • Apple to adopt hybrid work model despite worker pleas for more flexibility

    sflocal said:
    Employees are going to get a little reality check about who calls the shots.

    Those who’d rather stay home will have plenty of time to do just that when they’re looking for another job.
    Those who work at Apple will have no trouble finding other jobs if remote is what they desire. Tech companies are throwing insane amounts of money at engineers right now. Talent is not easy to acquire and there is so much competition. The smart ones are offering options with remote only along with these offers. We have had countless no-shows once candidates make it to the "onsite" portions of the interview process because they already have three offers in hand. Just got done paying off someone's entire four year sign on bonus from a previous employer so we wouldn't miss out.