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  • Samsung cuts Q3 profit estimates by $2.3B on ending Note 7 production

    Profits are now expected to come in at $4.63 billion

    That's still PROFIT, not a loss! This whole fiasco is barely going to affect them in the long run, darn it!
    True dat... (sigh)... I'd actually thought them paying a billion to Apple would hurt. Guess this won't either.

    Actually, I bet Samsung would prefer taking this 19 billion loss over paying Apple 1, come to think of it.  

    I hope Apple makes them pay that pocket change in the Supreme Court... then invest the money to surround Samsung HQ with Apple billboards... with Jobs staring out at them, chin on cupped finger... just to rub it in. 
  • Samsung cuts Q3 profit estimates by $2.3B on ending Note 7 production

    thrang said:
    Another long term issue for Samsung this: how much of this technology was part of the foundation of their next Note 8? Obviously, manufacturers share a number of components amongst many devices, so its quite possible large portions of the Note 7 design are part of the Note 8 planning. So do they scrap it all? Wait and see if they really figure out all the contributing factors? Revert to older 6 Edge technology? This is one big pickle for them far beyond the pyrotechnics...
    It's still pretty easy to guess how Samsung will proceed. They have no principles other than profit. They'll still produce the Note8 regardless of what name they call it. 
  • Samsung cuts Q3 profit estimates by $2.3B on ending Note 7 production

    thrang said:
    MacBAir said:
    Samsung will still profit massively. They aren't dependent of the Note. Heck, they are far from dependent of their mobile division.

    Cutting $2.3bn from their forecast ain't chicken feed either. Especially as the negative halo impacts the brand overall n other sectors.

    Now's the time for Apple to launch and OLED TV!

    As long as they get someone other than Samsung to manufacture it. Samsung's losses are already buoyed by memory purchases by Apple. What really sticks in the craw is knowing that Samsung will still get a cut from Note7 to Apple switchers.

    Apples dependence on Samsung really sucks
  • Samsung cuts Q3 profit estimates by $2.3B on ending Note 7 production

    Samsung's $19 bil projected losses are forcing them to reconsider the wisdom of releasing a product with such an an oversized battery crammed into too little space with too much demanded of it.

    Many believe needed space is unnecessarily sacrificed to the stylus and that the shape of the curved screen itself contributed to the failures. Also, the water-proof encasement retaining the scorching heat the processor produces next to this gargantuan battery essentially made this device the very definition of a bomb. 

    I read today that Samsung engineers still haven't been able to reproduce the problem & this itself delayed the recall & ultimately contributed to the decision to scrap the 7. Also battery engineers don't believe anymore that the battery itself is the culprit. 

    Whatever the verdict, it's clear Samsung threw safety to the wind & rushed out a device it intended to crush Apple with at any cost.

    True to form Samsung. You're a Class Act that deserves a Class Action lawsuit for every Note7 sold. 

  • Hammer finally falls as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially, permanently discontinued

    knowitall said:
    They are still going to sell in holland according to this:
    Shameless copy of Apples web pages, by the way.
    No. It doesn't. I wouldn't have put it past Samsung, but I just finished reading the article & it actually says the opposite.

    The Note7 is dead... Long live the Not7.