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  • Lawsuit claims Apple products infringe on MIMO wireless technology patent

    Why, it's almost as if these people have never heard of the phrase "Prior Art". 

    The patent system is patently broken.

    (Pun definitely - and exasperatedly - intended)
  • UK's NHS coronavirus tracing app prevented thousands of deaths, study claims

    But, instead of removing the infectious from our streets, businesses and schools, we were told to huddle in our homes while the virus raged outside our doors.
    If we actually HAD all huddled in our homes, the virus would have burnt itself out in 4 weeks since there would have been nobody else it could have infected other than those we lived with. The virus only 'rages' when it has the opportunity to be transmitted.

    The whole point of the app is to identify exposure so that the right people 'huddle'. Testing only works if you have a continuous daily testing regime for absolutely everyone. Tracing only works if people can reliably identify who their contacts are. Since no country that calls itself even remotely free can ever hope to achieve that, the app provided a valuable tool for people to be informed of their risk of exposure. It's entirely reasonable to carry out such a statistical exercise to identify the lives saved as a result of people knowing they need to 'huddle' indoors.
  • Developers delighted at Apple's reduced App Store commission

    I am tired of Apple standing on the neck of the entire computer industry.
    Inflammatory and insensitive much? Come on. You can make your point without trivialising and minimising very real human tragedies. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Echelon 'Prime bike' has nothing to do with Amazon, and has been struck down

    Part of me wonders if there was someone in the background attempting to 'short' Peloton 
  • The Apple Pro Display XDR brings 6K to the Mac for $4999

    There were some pretty obvious and audible less-than-impressed reactions to the price of the stand from the audience - clearly they expected it to be included in the price of the monitor and to be told that you have to pay extra - for either the stand or the VESA adaptor as its alternative seems like something of a slap in the face. I don't suppose Apple would have expected that reaction from what would otherwise be expected to be die-hard fans.

     Personally 32" isn't remotely big enough for that price - I would have preferred a screen at least 43" and preferably curved for the viewer to sit in the sweet spot to make it really immersive. Certainly the resolution of the screen is utterly pointless at that small size - nobody is ever going to be able to make full use of it: nobody's eyes are that good.

     I'm going to stick with my dual 4K 43" setup - together they cost about £1500. Whether I buy the Mac Pro itself is down to budget, although I probably will as it definitely has the grunt to do what I need it to do (my 2013 Mac Pro is now running out of steam, 5 years on). The price of the computer is reasonable considering how long it will likely last, but the screens... as beautiful as the engineering is, I couldn't possibly use them.