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  • 'iPhone 13 Pro' has new colors & stainless steel coating, claims leaker

    I’d like to see the lens flare reduced or removed. If the Pro model wasn’t so damn heavy I’d consider it over the mini that I have. Touch ID would be fantastic.

    The battery life on the mini has been given a bad rap. I find it does very well. 
  • YouTube restricts iOS 14 picture-in-picture feature to Premium subscribers, 4K not availab...

    YouTube wants to restrict an iOS feature until you pay for YouTube. No. 

    I have found a working solution that still allows PiP, so funk that. 
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  • How to get the most out of your Apple Music subscription

    All these features yet whenever my phone connects to my car stereo over Bluetooth it starts playing the same exact thing it always does. I deleted all songs from my library and just add songs to playlists without adding to my library a couple days ago, so hopefully today’s commute will have a better behavior. 

    It’s frustrating that Apple can’t figure out at least how to make a particular Bluetooth device start playing from the last thing it played, at least as an option. 
  • Google Pixel 4a launch expected on Monday

    Google’s phone group has been struggling, but at least the head of the group was let go recently. Maybe this model will come with fewer unexpected gotchas. 

    Google could turn in two directions: Kill the phone products or dedicate to really competing in the market. If they keep going let’s hope they don’t pull a Google (or Samsung) and release 72 models that are all the same yet different. 
  • Apple's shift to ARM Mac at WWDC will define a decade of computing

    While a new ARM-based MacBook is logical, I would think it would also reinforce the expectation that %desktopOS%-on-ARM = slow. Apple’s confidence in ARM would be clearer if they put it in a MacBook Air, which we already know is a capable machine. 

    Either way, I would replace my 2015 and 2017 MacBooks with an ARM-based model if they ditched the butterfly keyboard in them. If this comes to fruition this year I will find it a very fascinating time, indeed.