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  • Apple says clean Apple Card with a microfiber cloth, avoid contact with leather and denim

    leather? Denim? This extreme form over function can’t really be justified.

    i remember when white iphones could not be released for six months until the colour fastness and tint was perfect. Not modern Apple.
  • Samsung trying to fight iMessage chat elitists with response graphic gallery

    Other than how regrettably lame these are, the green bubble is unpopular for good reason: it means the text wasn’t free, and that the recipient can’t engage an array of fun features like piling up stickers, text effects or use features like facetime. That’s nothing to celebrate or have some bizarre arbitrary pride. 
    It also isn’t secure.

    What I find weird is
    • I was not aware there was such a thing as people actually getting consciously* excluded cause they have a green bubble. What sort of a tool would you be to do that to someone?
    • why Samsung thought this is good marketing.it is more of an own goal. It emphasises the superior capabilities of a competitor product.
    * I could believe it might happen unconsciously if the texters were using some iMessage features that don’t render properly in SMS, but that is kinda like missing out on a party organised via Facebook if you don’t have a Facebook account. Annoying, but you’ll live.
  • This 'iPhone 11' case manufacturer is expecting a shorter Apple Pencil

    I use the Apple Pencil a bit on the iPad Pro. I am using it now, but generally I believe it is more suited to special applications.Two observations:
    I would use a a lot less on an iPhone.
    The Apple Pencil is not integrated enough to justify for most people. The most basic example is there is no systemwide support  to use the pencil to enter text rather than a keyboard.
  • Apple backs move to make corporations accountable to citizens, not shareholders

    JWSC said:

    No matter what your political stripes, this is an absolute good.  But corporate behavior will only change when internal incentives change.  If salary increases and bonuses continue to be tied to stock performance this statement means nothing.  Follow through is everything.

    Agreed. The standard practices of millionaire board memberships hiring other millionaires and giving them millionaire golden parachutes (while routinely screwing workers) must end.
    The people signing this most definitely do not have that idea in mind. It’s about staying in charge. The modern equivalent of the king throwing coins to the peasants as he passes.

    What it really is is a barrier to entry to new competitors. Established wealthy corporations can do this. Newer ons get strangled by the associated frameworks and reporting processes set up to the advantage of the established corporations with large corporate and PR departments.  At the very least, if a young start up didn’t report how it complies, say only because it can’t employ an army of compliance officers, the “curated” media (by the established corporate giants) will eat them alive.
  • Ikea is 'just getting started' in smart home peripheral market

    Rayz2016 said:
    wattouk said:
    I've probably got 20 Ikea smart lightbulbs, with motion sensors and dimmer switches. All work perfectly with Homekit. Really pleased with my purchase as they are more than half of the price of Phillips Hue here in the UK.
    Yeah, I jumped in too soon with the Hue. The Ikea set up looks a lot more flexible. 
    You should not regret it. First movers always face this risk. Competition will bring the future price of hues down anyway.