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  • Anker's new USB-C dock lets M1 Mac users run three monitors

    It might have done better as a Thunderbolt connection to the Mac. You can get a variety of tb docks for not much more than the price of this that would have more bandwidth.
    And it must be some dodge to try to implement MST like running displaylink, which is horrible and will require software on the Mac I expect. It is not real MST (daisy chaining via DisplayPort in the monitors), which for some pig headed reason Apple does not support.

    a very expensive USBc dock pretending it can do the job of a Thunderbolt dock.
  • Apple may release a cheaper Apple TV streaming device in 2022, says Kuo

    The current box is expensive for what it is, but of all set top boxes it has the best UI and capability.  
    It’s closest competitor, the Shield, is similar priced. 

    These set top boxes have two purposes: streaming services; and gaming (Apple is trying on the home fitness angle, but that is the same as gaming really, just a different kind).
    the Apple TV is in between and thus suffers market share issues, just like the Shield.

    Apple could easily do a USB stick (it would have to be USBA btw) for about a $50-$70 that would be a serious competitor to Google and Amazon products. On performance, UI and AppStore capability alone.

    On the gaming side, for the hardware side a more capable SOC would be important yes, but also bundling with a decent controller, just like NVIDEA does with the shield. But even more importantly, the software side needs attention with some serious, must have, genre changing AAA games. Not something Apple does.

    But I don’t think it has room to increase the price on the gaming version, so the current device will stay like it is and we might get a usb stick.
  • Apple's Director of Machine Learning exits over return-to-office policy

    Beats said:
    mr. k said:
    Beats said:
    The solution is simple. Offer rent-free condos and homes close to the office, owned by Apple.

    Surprised they haven’t done this.
    It’s one solution. Mildly dystopic though; there’s no reason to worship one’s work or have it own something as fundamental as your family’s housing. That’s a level of lock-in that makes iMessage look lackadaisical.

    For people whose work strongly benefits from in-person sessions, regular office time is valuable. For myself, now, I hate soulless open plan offices, yet my company loves them. Every meeting I have is with people who are based in corporate offices in other cities, countries, and frequently different time zones. For us, prior to Covid, we were already effectively working remotely; we just also had a commute to a lousy environment to do it. Turns out that dropping the commute just meant we all got more time for sleep, hobbies, spouses, and family. The nature of the work remained unchanged.

    Do corporate employees not deserve affordable housing in a place where rent is through the roof? If this was a different state it wouldn’t be a problem but in N. California it is.

    Complaining  about free rent and calling it “dystopian” while working for the biggest company in the world (in air conditioning) is truly a first world problem.

    I would trade my life today for this “dystopia”. 
    And effectively, you will. 

    Your employer would end up controlling everything about you. Your job, your pay, your healthcare, your home.  
    The employer might do this if it was sending you somewhere temporarily, but this scenario, where the employer provides your home by default, contains all the elements of the very definition of unintended consequence. The company will own you, lock stock and barrel. You are one pink slip away from being homeless, and that the company owns your home is an impediment to switching jobs. And don’t get too uppity about maintenance.

    I would expect, of course, that the square metres allocated would be based on one’s position in the company. Executives of course get palatial penthouses, janitors get barracks style accommodation. Everyone has to know their place.

    It is also another example of how the system as currently constructed by our governments would benefit the development of mega corporations, which would be the only entities that could afford this. The relentless expansion of regulation and workplace reporting already favours them with their large corporate areas able to handle the mountains of growing paperwork.   There is no way on this good earth a start up type of company could afford that kind of benefit. 

    Such a policy would be yet another step on the road to serfdom.  I joked about Apple remaking Metropolis. I hope it bears some consistency of message with the original.

    (if you want a better, more effective policy proposal, move the company to a better business environment. That is, practically anywhere but California.)
  • Satechi X3 Slim Keyboard review: A fantastic alternative to Apple's Magic Keyboard

    I have had this a while. It stopped working after a year. 
  • New iMac Pro and M3 iMac coming, but not in 2022

    Definitely a prosumer gap at the moment. No 27 inch iMac, and a base studio and studio display costs a lot more!

    I would settle for an Mx Pro Mac mini but it should be a lot less than a 5K iMac.