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  • TV app on Apple TV hardware frustrating users with large libraries

    fatkid98 said:
    It’s not just the AppleTV app that loads your library slow. My local share using Home Sharing loads painfully slow as well. I’m almost to the point of switching my local library over to Plex, but I just don’t want to deal with the artwork changes. All of my files use  Apple’s 16x9 image. Plex uses the old movie poster style for artwork. 
    This. If one was paranoid, one might think it deliberate it is so unApple like in usability. Maybe apple wants you to us its cloud storage and ATV for movies and shows.

    the other thing is that getting home video onto iOS is pretty painful. You airdrop a video to an iPad and try and getting it in the AppleTv app. It default goes to photos.
  • Satechi's new Pro Hub Slim adds seven ports to MacBooks

    netrox said:
    This is why I think MacBooks shouldn't have any ports but USB-Cs. USB-Cs are capable of outputting all kinds of devices with a simple dongle. 

    Apple ignored the fundamental point of minimalism and caved in to unwarranted criticisms about missing ports (HDMI, MagSafe, etc)

    Now, the new MBs look horrible with unsightly ports. 

    I can see it leaving the SD slot alone as it does have a clean slit opening but the design of HDMI port is very jarring and deserves to be banished. The MagSafe port is unsightly too. Why???? There are USB devices that can act as MagSafe and if they really need that, they can add it but for most people, they don't need it. 


    I have to say I disagree netrox. For me, portability and flexibility is absolutely everything when I buy a laptop. That means minimal extraneous equipment, including dongles. The less of those I have the happier I am.
  • New Mac Pro may not support PCI-E GPUs

    I am moving across to a windows workstation. Sad, but had to happen. The spiral starts when users stop buying macs because among other things, there is no ability to change configs at low expense. But at point of purchase, anything beyond base model rapidly gets ruinously expensive so you need to be sure that is what you need, very sure, or you will find yourself having to buy an entirely new computer just to get more RAM, or you over buy and that may not be money you get back.
    Then software companies stop making Mac versions because it’s too hard to do something entirely separate to wintel, and costs for a diminishing number of people, so people like me have no choice but to move to windows.  It was the exact same situation in the nineties, until Jobs came back and things revitalised the joint with common parts.  This is less of a problem for education and home use these days, but is rapidly growing worse for specialist software.

    I won’t do a WWSD, if for no other reason than the fact he is just as guilty with the Apple non upgradeable machine philosophy.  
    But I will repeat what he said back then. he said something like “ we want to make computers for our friends, and not all our friends are Larry Ellison”.  When I look at upgrade costs for any Mac, I think about that. A lot.

    I think in that same presentation he said something about the very great philosophical difference between “making great computers to make money” and “making money to make great computers”.
  • Maxed out MacBook Air & MacBook Pro - what you get for the money

    I don’t believe maxed out MBPs are very good value for money. in fact they are bad value for money. And I wouldn’t touch the 13 inch MBP.
    All I would do to a get an M2 Max with the 32GB of RAM. That gives you a very powerful device, and the important thing is if that is all you do, the price is comparable to a high performance windows workstation like a Dell Precision, HP Zbook or a Lenovo thinkpad p.  And a 14 or 16 inch MBP, especially on battery, would absolutely flog any of them. Upgrading RAM and storage means the comparable value proposition rapidly falls, as you can upgrade those windows workstations with aftermarket RAM and storage at your convenience, and importantly, as your needs change.

    unfortunately, for engineering purposes the macs are let down by the available software and sadly aren’t a sensible option. If only Siemens NX and DS SOLIDWORKS had a proper Mac version.

    what do Apple engineers use I wonder? I would hate to think they resort to a windows workstation.
  • Apple eases COVID-19 policies to encourage returning to the office

    It’s well last time this was treated like any other virus. Pretty sure the majority of people in my country never even do a RAT, or if they do, don’t report it to the government anymore.