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  • Apple Pay Later is getting killed in favor of third-party loan integration

    One, it is probably as apple is changing its card partner from Goldman Sachs. No doubt whoever it is has a product already in place.
    two, perhaps Apple wants to offer this product in other countries than the USA. The old model could not get agreement for the provincial behaving banking sector elsewhere.  
  • Apple Intelligence & Private Cloud Compute are Apple's answer to generative AI

    A rather lame, half-baked, underwhelming attempt at AI. 

    A $3000B company with thousands and thousands of developers and a history of spectacular innovations can’t come up with its own AI?
    I think that is a bit unfair. Apple has gone down a different path to the other server centric AI models. And, I would point out, what Apple has been calling ML for five years is a lot of what people now call AI. This is what I assume is the plan from what I can glean for the key or at technical websites (well, Ars).

    Apple Intelligence = on device ML and local LLM (smart Siri) + private, personal encrypted LLM on Apple servers ( no one else has done that bit)

    ChatGPT integration = if Apple Intelligence can’t help, then go outside the privacy wall to ChatGPT (while still limiting private info) or any other LLM that sets up a future deal with Apple.  And you must give permission for smart Siri to do so when it has to.

    All in all a deep, integrated system where on device is first priority and privacy considered at all steps.  And that private LLM framework is pretty big.  This is a very different path to other offerings while leveraging existing LLM frameworks. Whether it works (hi Siri!) we have yet to see.
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  • Apple Intelligence & Private Cloud Compute are Apple's answer to generative AI

    MantlesD said:
    US English only. It will probably be six years until available in my native language. Still waiting for numerous other Apple features that are only available for major languages. Bummer.
    No doubt even longer for Australian.
  • iPadOS 18 gets Math Notes, your own handwriting, and a Calculator

    JinTech said:
    kkqd1337 said:
    What an absolutely laughable collection of 'upgrades'.

    Apple annual revenue $380 billion.

    About 50 bucks spent on iPadOS.
    Righttttt Apple is paying an entire team of engineers just $50 bucks to update iPadOS...  :D
    Maybe it wa $51….
  • iPadOS 18 gets Math Notes, your own handwriting, and a Calculator

    All of these things only deserve a point release at best.

    None of the things people have been asking for (well, the calculator excepted) have occurred. Improved stage manager, windowing, file management including on external devices, multi user accounts, emulation. The fundamental nuts and bolts that would have turned the iPad into something that can actually take advantage of its hardware.  

    Looks at M4 IPP and wonders why he was silly enough to not get an IPA or wait for a remaindered M2 IPP. 

    I really can’t recommend an M4 IPP to anyone.

    in fact, TVOS was more of an upgrade.