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  • Apple confirms fix to series box set playback issues on Apple TV app is coming

    Not sure what causes it, but some TV series purchased from Apple will not be organized into separate seasons after you've clicked on the show icon in the Apple TV app. It will just list every episode you have in numerical/alphabetical order. My guess is that perhaps older purchases don't have the same metadata attached to the file and can't be organized properly as a result.  
    This. I have this problem with the X-Files, Only one season is properly organized into a season folder, to find any other episode I have to scroll through all 100+ episodes, it's so annoying.
  • ByteDance plans to sell TikTok's US arm without source code

    A source familiar with ByteDance's technology suggested the source code is the same in all countries, albeit modified on a market-by-market basis.

    So it's the same, but different. Got it.
  • Compared: 2017 iPad Pro versus 2020 iPad Pro

    "Internally, there is a big gap between the 2017 iPad Pro and the 2018 iPad Pro."

    This was intended to say 2020, not 2018, correct?

    "The processor which has gone from the A10X Fusion processor to the A12Z processor."

    What about the processor?
    Seems like the predicate is missing.
  • iOS 13.2.3, iPadOS 13.2.3 released to fix Mail and background app issues

    Hope it fixes a mail bug that I have had since upgrading to iOS 13.x. I have my mail set to Fetch, but every time at like 1:30AM, I get an email "ding" that wakes me up. Very annoying.....Can't turn "Do not Disturb" on due to work.....
    You have notifications and sound on and DND off because you need alerts from mail all night, and you’re upset because its doing that? Are you not getting a mail when the ding happens? I’m confused. 
    I think his point was that Fetch is set to Manual but it's still fetching automatically and he has sound on for work texts or calls.
  • Some iPhone apps handing precise location data to as many as 40 businesses

    rcfa said:
    Why on earth isn't there a simple on/off control for Location Services in the Control Center just like wi-fi, cellular, & bluetooth communications? Pet peeve.
    Just because you don’t want ONE app to access your location, doesn’t mean another should not be able to access it.
    You can already turn access on or off on a per app basis.
    Well, cellular data already has an overall switch in the Control Center as well as per-app switches, so there is precedent.
    i understand that it doesn't fix bad app behavior, but a simple, convenient way of denying all apps of location data unless needed could reduce the exposure window.
    i already severely limit location data access on a per-app basis.