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  • Apple brings forward iOS 13.1, iPadOS releases to September 24

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  • Jobs biographer slams Apple design and missed TV opportunity

    guscat said:
    If he's going back 15 years, he's also leaving out the original MacBook Air and the iPhone in addition to all of the other products listed. What is the last great Apple product they designed, the 2004 iMac?

    As for TVs, they are a very low margin product that has to interact even now with cable. Coming out with a new TV is a lot harder than I think he realizes.
    What Walter Isaacson is saying is that impressive design died with Steve Jobs and that Jony Ive wasted the last 15 years of his career at Apple on the intricate details of Apple Campus 2 while totally neglecting the new products that Apple was selling to make money. And I agree with Walter Isaacson. The last great product launched by Steve Jobs before his death was the iMac in October 2009 and the iMac revision in 2014 was catastrophic with its thin edges, poor sound quality, limited repairability and heat dissipation problems. It's thin at the edges, but why ? And how can being thin at the edges be seen as an improvement on the previous Late 2009 iMac design ? Had Tim Cook and Jony Ive paid more attention to the products that Apple is selling, the iMac 2014-2019 would never have been launched. But it is not too late for Tim Cook to take a more active role in the future of the computers that Apple is selling.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook rips into 'absurd' Wall Street Journal report on Jony Ive's departure

    After 30 years on the job, Jony Ive is entitled to retire without anyone drawing negative inferences.

    That being said, Apple has been plagued for more than 10 years by unreasonably high stock option bonuses paid to executives who, in turn, work for themselves like Angela Ahrends who showed no loyalty to anyone but herself and left Apple to its miseries after just 5 years on the job and a quarter billion dollars richer for her "efforts" and so-called "loyalty".

    In the case of Jony Ive, how could Jony have thought even for a moment that the lavish stock option bonuses were not a prelude to a higher position within Apple ? Hence, the dissatisfaction of Jony Ive and his eventual "retirement" once his stock options had vested.

    It's sad to say, but it's high time at Apple that customers and shareholders be shown some respect, not to mention the countless anonymous engineers and employees who make the day to day financial success of Apple.

    A word of advice to the Apple Board of directors and Tim: Just as you cannot buy your friends, you cannot buy the loyalty of executives in a company.
  • Samsung asks Apple for compensation on missed OLED order minimums

    The price per unit that Apple pays is dependent on the total number of units manufactured by Samsung Display according to the specific requirements of Apple, e.g. height and width of each OLED panel, some destined for iPhones, others possibly destined for iPads and/or MacBooks. Both parties to the contract know this.

    Apple knows that it got a lower price per OLED panel from Samsung Display because of its buying power, i.e. the number of OLED panels that Apple ordered. The number agreed upon is not a fantasy number, but the number of OLED panels that Samsung Display must deliver to Apple according to a specific time schedule in order to avoid stiff penalties, some of the penalties reflecting the loss of business and profits for Apple should Samsung Display not deliver upon its commitments.

    To meet its production targets of OLED panels for Apple, Samsung Display had to build new facilities, hire new employees, and sacrifice contracts that it could have signed with other manufacturers.

    Apple could have reduced the financial loss of Samsung Display by using OLED panels in its iPads and/or MacBooks, but Apple chose not to do so in order to save money and increase its profits.

    A business relationship is a two way street and both parties must ensure that a contract is balanced and remains profitable for both parties.

    Apple is liable to pay the penalties it agreed to. Any penalty must be apportioned between the total number of OLED panels manufactured for Apple and should be viewed as a price increase for each OLED panel delivered to Apple.

    Apple cannot wash its hands from the contracts it signs.

  • Customers' 'Dear Tim' emails have big impact within Apple

    That’s a Teal Deer of a letter right there. Whoever screens these would’ve tossed it just looking at length, or at the very least when they got to the FM tuner bit if they could even stay awake that long. 

    Sometimes, when you want something done, you must ask for it and ask the right person.

    The iMac 2009-2012 all-in-one desktop computer is not for every Mac user, just the Mac users who want to buy a desktop computer. The iMac is not a portable computer, but what you loose in mobility you gain in power.

    And Apple makes only one desktop computer for consumers, the iMac. I published the content of my email to inspire likeminded iMac users.