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  • Apple's Tim Cook calls sports a 'great unifier' in call to ESPN

    Although I've played plenty of sports, I'm not into watching them, at all. But jesus do we need something besides politics for people to get their tribal fix in.

    Just look at previous posts for examples of absurd, race/class SJW virtue signaling, which ultimately leads to more divisiveness, not less.

    If sports is the answer, I'll (reluctantly) accept it.
  • Amazon plans over 3000 'Project Kuiper' satellites to spread global broadband

    Oh, great. The creepy company that abuses monopolistic power, keeps unsecured personal information on their servers (including from facebook), has a poor reputation on privacy, is connected to an incredibly partisan newspaper, and has connections with the cia, is going to have an earth-wide network that has the capability to track anyone that uses it (and probably many that don't).

    What could go wrong?

  • A public reluctant to use Apple Pay is being enticed by the Apple Card

    tjwolf said:
    I had only used Apple Pay once because I accidentally left my wallet at home and I needed gas badly at that moment. Credit cards are still my go-to payment method even my "Wallet" app has all the cards in there. This is more of a habit that I'm used to. Not to mention when pumping gas, who wants to walk all the way in the store just to use Apple Pay when the pump accepts only cards.
    More pumps are being modified to take payments right at the pump, including Apple Pay. This is starting to rollout at Costco gas pumps, for example.
    I've been curious about this for awhile - as I've begun to see wireless payment options on gas pumps.  How does it actually work, though?  I mean, in a typical ApplePay (or credit card) transaction, you pay *after* receiving  the product or service.  But on gas pumps, you need to authenticate - usually by sliding your cc - before you can even begin to pump.  Does an ApplePay accepting pump basically do two transactions?  One with "zero" amount to authenticate and then another once you've pumped?
    I presume the series of two authentications would remain. First, swipe the Costco card then pay after.
    When I buy things at walgreens it goes very smoothly. Tap my watch the first time (no card selection needed), and my walgreens card is inputted automatically. Tap my watch the second time for the payment and it defaults to the default credit card. No physical cards needed. It's great.
  • A public reluctant to use Apple Pay is being enticed by the Apple Card

    This is so brilliant. I've been so frustrated with the lack of merchant adoption of Apple pay, but this should make up for it and then some. (It's still absurd that Apple says, what is it now, 80% adoption? Nope. Not in sit down restaurants, bars, most gas pumps, most supermarkets, home depot, lowes, etc.)

    I will definitely be signing up, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe for credit card whizzes it's not the best deal (so long as you don't care about privacy), but I'm guessing I'm in the majority: even as a pretty successful/resourceful person, I still have a lot of difficulty keeping up with all the details of credit card stuff, and I'm sure I'm getting ripped off.

    Now, with people carrying their (freakin' awesome) Apple Card around with them, they're going to be asking merchants, "wait, is this a regular credit card or do you take Apple Pay (so I can get my 2%)."

    In addition, putting the daily cash into the the Apple Pay Cash card will 1) make it very clear that they will be getting rewards (instead of it just being put back into the credit card balance with minimal psychological impact), 2) incentivize further Apple Pay use, and 3) incentivize more person to person transfers.

    The more people use Apple Card/Pay/Cash the more influence Apple will have to convince banks/merchants to make the process even better (eg eliminate signing, pins, etc).

    Win, win, win, win, win...
  • Leak claims to show schematic for 2019's upcoming 'iPhone XI'

    Makes sense. As soon as I saw the previous rumor I felt it was legit. I’m sure an equilateral triangle camera setup will be very helpful for photo computation. Also, it’s going to look very nice, and very purposeful in its rightful place in the corner with a clean, ss raised border.