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  • Android creator Andy Rubin plans AI-equipped smartphone with edge-to-edge display, ceramic...

    Is this story being announced to commemorate the 10th anniversary of him deciding to copy the iPhone?

    Guess he's trying to get ahead of the curve this time around.

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  • Healthcare tech firm Epic Systems says it won't consider any Apple buyout offer

    That's unfortunate. EMRs are incredibly complex and require massive amounts of red tape to get through. It would be a great foot in the door to many top hospitals if Apple acquired them.

    I havn't used Epic in a while, but it's probably still one of the best out there, as sad as that is. *All* of the EMRs I have ever used, including Epic, have been beyond terrible. However, I'm sure there are smaller systems out there that are doing it well. If Apple brought up a smaller company, then paired up with a hospital to implement their own system, it would literally save lives. And save doctors from a lot of unnecessary frustration and excessive charting time.
  • A public reluctant to use Apple Pay is being enticed by the Apple Card

    tjwolf said:
    I had only used Apple Pay once because I accidentally left my wallet at home and I needed gas badly at that moment. Credit cards are still my go-to payment method even my "Wallet" app has all the cards in there. This is more of a habit that I'm used to. Not to mention when pumping gas, who wants to walk all the way in the store just to use Apple Pay when the pump accepts only cards.
    More pumps are being modified to take payments right at the pump, including Apple Pay. This is starting to rollout at Costco gas pumps, for example.
    I've been curious about this for awhile - as I've begun to see wireless payment options on gas pumps.  How does it actually work, though?  I mean, in a typical ApplePay (or credit card) transaction, you pay *after* receiving  the product or service.  But on gas pumps, you need to authenticate - usually by sliding your cc - before you can even begin to pump.  Does an ApplePay accepting pump basically do two transactions?  One with "zero" amount to authenticate and then another once you've pumped?
    I presume the series of two authentications would remain. First, swipe the Costco card then pay after.
    When I buy things at walgreens it goes very smoothly. Tap my watch the first time (no card selection needed), and my walgreens card is inputted automatically. Tap my watch the second time for the payment and it defaults to the default credit card. No physical cards needed. It's great.
  • Here's every Apple HomeKit product announced at CES 2017 coming later this year

    I've been pretty damn frustrated with homekit so far. I have a Lyric sitting in a drawer and I've been holding out on buying lighting because of the expected hassle. I installed the schlage door lock that I bought from the Apple store (in its nice, Apple-specific packaging) and the *&^%ing thing doesn't even work with iPhone 7 (the tech had me do the set up on my old iPhone 6, but the homekit was too buggy to use, and then it disconnected completely; it's now a $200 dumb lock.) An idevices outdoor plug wouldn't install. Still no homekit compatible garage door opener apparently (although one is supposedly coming). The only smoke/CO alarm I've found has terrible reviews on amazon; not reassuring for a safety device. Why bother creating a platform like this if it's going to be so difficult to use? I can't be the only one with these frustrations. The homekit app was my favorite part of iOS 10. Unfortunately it's been a huge disappointment for me.

    In case anyone is interested: I have the nanoleaf aura and it is really great and could not be easier to set up. It's the only functional item on my Apple Home control panel.
  • President Trump insists he was saving time by calling Cook 'Tim Apple'

    jesus, it's so absurd that this is a story or ever was a "story". where has our self respect gone?

    btw, trump isn't on the spectrum. maybe adhd.

    also, he's 72 years old, travels around the world regularly, and gives 2 hour long speeches and press conferences all the time. and people want to make a thing of "tim apple"??


  • Apple to acquire voice app firm PullString in deal worth below $100M, report says

    Good buy!

    But when will Apple use their tech? Apple acquired a company years ago that had a voice assistant that was so smart it makes all the current assistants look like 4-year-olds.

    Right? This is probably another ploy by Apple to trick its users into thinking Siri will actually be decent sometime in the near future. Not falling for it this time.
  • Apple, Oprah Winfrey sign multi-year deal for TV programming

    Odds are, if your post was deleted, its because it got caught up in a sweep after an early post got deleted.

    That said, it might be time to brush up on the forum guidelines. Don't start a partisan fight.
    C'mon.. you deleted my entire post? Seriously? I was just stating my opinion, and not antagonistic towards anyone on the forum at all. In fact, I was even defending and complementary to AI's reporting. Perhaps I jumped the gun on that one. You're letting Nunzy troll away on every thread, but when I put out a thoughtful post, it gets taken down just because it might offend a few politically sensitive people??

    Is there a way to at least get the content of my post back. I spent a few min writing it..
  • Apple in 2019 and the future of iPhone

    spice-boy said:
    Wow! Dan, I usually find your articles quite brilliant but your "communism" "capitalism" analogy is really off the mark. If you don't think that big corporations practice a form of get in line and think like the "fearless leader" than you haven't been paying attention. Nowhere is conformity stressed and called a "culture" than in the corporate world and nothing says capitalism like corporations. Apple is just another big corporation with the same goals as all the others to sell products and services and make a profit for it's share holders. Many agree it does it better than most with a great blend of style, technology and marketing. I am puzzled why the media pundits constantly quoted on AI, as if Apple haters would visit this site to begin with. We know the pundits predictions will be wrong and often comically wrong. 
    Dan please don't mix political ideologies in your articles, you do realize that most of your readers have little idea to what the differences are between socialism and communism never mind the shades and varieties of them since most of them are Libertarian judging by their comments don't challenge them or yourself this much. 
    Get triggered much? Your faith in your perception of the world is.. admirable?

    Seems like a fairly apt analogy to me. Both are systems guided by feckless ideologues where merit is determined by devotion to ideology, which is a bad way to run any system. 

    It's a shame to diminish Apple's clear devotion to not just being a successful company, but to also being a socially responsible one, which I admire tremendously, even though Apple sometimes overlaps a bit with the SJW crowd (which is beyond obnoxious).  

    Apple is an amazing example of capitalism done right.
  • The Wall Street Journal reportedly joins Apple News service, NYT and Washington Post decli...

    stevenoz said:

    The New York Times is worth every penny you pay it... for top-level news coverage. Thank God for them.

    Too bad Bezos won't give up his love of  profit, but that's that.

    I'll definitely subscribe to Apple News Service long enough to see if it is worth it to me... and if I have enough time to also read the NYT, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, and The Nation, that I subscribe to.

    All Americans _need_ to be informed in these dark days of Donald. It's your civic duty.

    Yes, we really need NYT and WaPo to put out 10 stories a day about trump based on unsubstantiated anonymous leakers in these “dark days” lol. What a joke. 

    We don’t need agenda-based, biased MSM organizations that consistently put out 93% negative coverage of one person. That’s not news. That’s biased opinion fed to sheep.

    Apple may be one of the only hopes to facilitate objective journalism. I’m actually very much looking forward for trying out the Apple news service. 
  • Amazon plans over 3000 'Project Kuiper' satellites to spread global broadband

    Oh, great. The creepy company that abuses monopolistic power, keeps unsecured personal information on their servers (including from facebook), has a poor reputation on privacy, is connected to an incredibly partisan newspaper, and has connections with the cia, is going to have an earth-wide network that has the capability to track anyone that uses it (and probably many that don't).

    What could go wrong?