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  • Lutron ships Smart Fan Speed Control with Apple HomeKit

    flydog said:
    Lutron HomeKit accessories are by far the buggiest and most unreliable out of any HomeKit accessory.  I wouldn’t install this even if it was free. 
    Literally everyone on reddit and other forums disagree. Lutron has it together with their HomeKit integration (Besides lack of pico’s being exposed to HomeKit).  But for real you need to figure out what is causing the issues because lutron is by far the most stable device ever. Not just coming from me. 
  • Ring ships Apple-compatible Video Doorbell 2, says HomeKit coming to other accessories

    I Bought the Ring Pro the day it was announced it would support Homekit by the end of the year back in June of 2016... The Ring Forums kept promising by the end of the year, until the end of the year came and then they promised first part of 2017, til that passed now were promised end of 2017. So will we actually get homekit support, no body knows...
  • Apple's iPad to get bigger dock, Files app, drag-and-drop & easier multitasking in iOS 11 ...

    I have an iPad set up in my kitchen and would like to have multi user so my iCloud and my information isn't just out there for everyone in my home to see and access. Its far too much of a hassle to log in and log out of iCloud accounts every time. It would just make much much more sense to have a multi-user experience for a home shared iPad. Not everyone has the money to buy an individual iPad for everyone in the home, on top of keeping up with the latest iPhones, Macs, and everything else life has to offer. 
    rich gregoryObjectiveTechFan
  • Apple's iPad to get bigger dock, Files app, drag-and-drop & easier multitasking in iOS 11 ...

    And yet.. still no Multi-User. Like do they even listen to what the customer wants???  I have never been so unimpressed with an Apple keynote as I am right now. Literally NOTHING impressive has come for iOS today. We've got a whole year to wait to hope for more. 

    I hate the apple music redesign last year and was praying it would get a MUCH NEEDED refresh, but instead they brought it to the App Store.