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  • Why Apple Vision Pro has a chance at being the future of work

    Apple is always holding secrets so that us and, more importantly, the competition can only guess at apple's roadmap for vision pro. Apple is a hardware company and it's up to the software creators to imagine new ways to use the device. So rather than apple promote something so that the folks can say "How are you going to do that?", they allow us to imagine the possibilities so that we can create new things. Hence "Think Different". Apple will always continue to modify the hardware as the needs arrive - at the moment vision pro is fantastic, but they have no idea what we will dream up and what more needs to be added to the hardware and software updates. That's what makes apple so amazing! They leave it up to us to create the future of their devices.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says the Vision Pro doesn't present 'any breakthroughs'

    stick with it Zuck. you go your way and apple will go theirs. Not sure why you offered an opinion on apple, are you trying to help them?
  • France doesn't understand why different iPhone models have varying parts

     Curious to know the percentage of people who own and use any branded phone over 5 years old. The only reason why I'm so negative to this story is that I feel Europe would love to bring down success. I'm sorry, but if you don't like a brand, then buy the other brand. It's a simple as that - I haven't purchased a ford car since 2002 because they didn't last long, so I moved to Hyundai. Why doesn't France just say "don't like apple, buy Samsung" or visa versa. Back before apple, all phones were junk and didn't make it past a couple of years.
  • Amazon's Eero 6 router lineup gets HomeKit support

    So many are questioning the security and y'all are probably right. I am however using Eeros pro and I have to say it is by far the best router I've used to date. I've used others and returned them to amazon because they didn't match up to their own hype. Apple was the best for a long time, my guess is they are waiting for all the changes to take place and will develop a system in the future.
    I did link Eeros pro to HomeKit and it worked fine, just don't know about security like y'all.

  • Mac app buyers influenced by security more than features or price, survey states

    We are all about security and we are also of the belief that the cost of software has tumbled since the opening of the App Store along with what we feel is better software than what was available in the past.
    An additional point I'd like to make is that when apple's App Store opened, they also opened the door to a world of garage developers who pushed the iPhone hardware to it's limits. The world was inspired for a platform to bring their dreams to life at no cost. It seems only the big corps are crying fowl about prices becuase like any big corp, they want it all. What was their strategy when Best Buy and Computer City sold software and made 30%? I'm pretty sure Amazon makes money as well. 
    I'm wondering off topic now so I'll put this to rest.