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  • Apple Watch keeps spotting cardiac issues and saving lives, this time in Australia

    I'd like to share a tip to my older friends. i'm 55 and wear my watch throughout the night and charge in the afternoon. Before the alarms, I was able to notice irregular heart rates (via health app)  while sleeping and I tracked this info over a period of two months before going to the doctor's. The doc ran tests and X-rays to learn that I had a hiatal hernia which was sending acid reflux back and swelled my thyroid which impacted my heart rate. With a change to my diet (how much I eat at one time) and an acid pill once a week, my heart rate is back to normal.
    Use at night for a better view of your resting heart rate.
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  • Apple researching whether Apple Watch can detect common heart conditions

    It’s helped many.  There was a period of time over a year ago when I noticed an irregular sleeping heart rate which ranged from 50ish to 170, my normal sleeping HR was 58 - 72 all night. My first thought was a malfunction to my watch, but after a month or so and repeated watch restarts with no change, I decided it was time to see my quack. Several test later it was discovered that I had a hiatal hernia which caused a reflux and over time if affected my thyroid.  Thanks to Apple Watch, I noticed a problem and now everything is under control.  Hope they do more. 
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  • Apple's $119.6 million victory in iPhone utility patent battle with Samsung finally upheld...

    Sounds to me that Samsung is the Victor - 2.2 billion down to a paltry 119 million. That should cover Apple's legal fees.
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  • Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Buds versus AirPods and the rumored AirPods 2

    With a little training, the AirPods can be used continually all day unless stereo mode is always required. I've suggested to friends once they hear the first whirble (while on phone) to place one of the pods in the case and within a few minutes it will fully charge, then use then use the charged AirPod and then place the other in the case for a full charge. The reaction is always a surprised look and then they say "I hadn't thought of that, great idea".
     Apple might consider more infomercials on how to get the most out of their products.
  • Apple partner Didi staring down possible $585 million loss in first half of year

    This is a good and cheap study for Apple, they don't have the risks and I believe they went in knowing that they would lose a billion and weren't too worried. Rideshare is a unique business and new to the world. Uber hasn't made money at all - they are paying their bills of course, but they aren't profitable. One of the big issues is that they expect their drivers to act like employees', but then kick them off if they are selective of the rides they choose to accept. Another big problem is dealing with every local law and ordinance in the world along with commercial insurance. There isn't enough money for the driver or uber because there is no uniformity.
     So, if driverless cars are used, I can say (as a former Uber X driver) that there will still be no money to be made. The cars will always need to be cleaned after every ride and the cars will be expected to drive long distances for a pickup for a passenger only driving 2 miles. Think of it, uber expects their drivers to accept a ride 10-15 miles away and not be paid for the 30 minute or longer drive time and to pick up the passenger to go to the local store only 2-3 miles away - the driver receives a whopping $3.50 and then the driver needs to drive back close to home - The driver makes less than 3.00 per hour and loses .57 cents a mile.
    Point is, there is too much wear and tear on the vehicle and tons of maintenance required and especially after someone throws up, eats in the car, smokes, spills a drink, pees, and so much more - even folks who walk on mud get into your car. It's a losing business model and only the software engineers make the best money.
  • France doesn't understand why different iPhone models have varying parts

     Curious to know the percentage of people who own and use any branded phone over 5 years old. The only reason why I'm so negative to this story is that I feel Europe would love to bring down success. I'm sorry, but if you don't like a brand, then buy the other brand. It's a simple as that - I haven't purchased a ford car since 2002 because they didn't last long, so I moved to Hyundai. Why doesn't France just say "don't like apple, buy Samsung" or visa versa. Back before apple, all phones were junk and didn't make it past a couple of years.
  • Former Apple retail head Angela Ahrendts upset 'finely tuned balance'

    Personally, I was not happy with in store apple shopping experience when AA was involved and felt she placed to much attention on the "haves" and my taste for the apple store soured when I would purchase items on line for store pick up - I had to wait forever to pick up a paid item. I really don't think she is a good as everyone thought she was in her profession. Some times large companies draw from top salary people for no other reason than the person is a top salary person.
     My belief is that Steve would have never allowed AA within a 100 yards of an Apple employment line.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says the Vision Pro doesn't present 'any breakthroughs'

    stick with it Zuck. you go your way and apple will go theirs. Not sure why you offered an opinion on apple, are you trying to help them?
  • Why Apple Vision Pro has a chance at being the future of work

    Apple is always holding secrets so that us and, more importantly, the competition can only guess at apple's roadmap for vision pro. Apple is a hardware company and it's up to the software creators to imagine new ways to use the device. So rather than apple promote something so that the folks can say "How are you going to do that?", they allow us to imagine the possibilities so that we can create new things. Hence "Think Different". Apple will always continue to modify the hardware as the needs arrive - at the moment vision pro is fantastic, but they have no idea what we will dream up and what more needs to be added to the hardware and software updates. That's what makes apple so amazing! They leave it up to us to create the future of their devices.
  • Amazon's Eero 6 router lineup gets HomeKit support

    So many are questioning the security and y'all are probably right. I am however using Eeros pro and I have to say it is by far the best router I've used to date. I've used others and returned them to amazon because they didn't match up to their own hype. Apple was the best for a long time, my guess is they are waiting for all the changes to take place and will develop a system in the future.
    I did link Eeros pro to HomeKit and it worked fine, just don't know about security like y'all.