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  • Zero size files


    Just wondering if anyone is seeing the same issues as me. I had some Banktivity documents with the extension bank7 that went to Zero bytes stored in a subfolder in my Documents folder that is mirrored on iCloud. When I go to recover, there is there are no backup files. 

    Disappointed that iCloud support is an email only without any place to actually put your problem in.
  • Apartment & insurance firm sue Apple over lethal iPad fire

    "The investigation has been completed.  The cause is undetermined at this time; however, the origin is believed to be on the kitchen floor in the area of electrical appliances.  There is no indication of criminal activity."


    So how much more investigation was done and who made the determination that the fire was due to an iPad?
  • Apple strikes back at Spotify's claims of unfair treatment in the App Store

    bbdroid said:

    And even though the 680,000 number is small compared to Spotify's overall paid subscription base, it is by no means insignificant.  

    I am trying to figure out how a small number compared to an overall paid subscription base is considered monopolistic.
  • AT&T, Verizon will charge $10 per month for Apple Watch Series 3 cellular data plans [ux2]...

    macgui said:
    I have one phone on my account. Can I add another for $10? Ok, throw in a one-time activation fee, but is an additional phone for $10? 

    It's a separate 'line', as in a separate number, and it can be used to make a call while my other phone is in use. I can't do any of that with the Watch. Along with everybody else who didn't suggest otherwise, I don't want a separate number for the Watch.
    Actually, I think it may very well be possible to use both the Watch and the phone at the same time, and that calls coming in do ring both the Watch and the phone. It’s two separate lines and a convenience that the telcos are routing one number to both lines which is what you want.
    macgui said:
    It's not very much different than when Ma Bell charged us additional fee for having an extension phone that we paid for and not a rental from Ma. Without a functional ringer they would never know there was an extension, such was the impact on their infrastructure. It took a very long time for that to change and it wasn't because Ma relented. Also with landlines, beyond our monthly service we only paid/pay for calls we made/make, not calls we receive(d).
    Actually it is much different than what you state. The equivalent would be that you had 2 separate lines running back from your house to 2 switches back in the switching office (instead of a shared line for 2 devices) and you would definitely be charged full price for 2 lines PLUS an extra fee for routing them both to the same number. There is some savings on the telco end now since software does a much more efficient job of switching the connections between multiple devices allowing for more capacity but just because this is for personal use, it doesn’t mean that the telco doesn’t need to allocate the same amount of resources just because it is a watch instead of a phone. The data is only a portion of cost, it is the need to continually ping a device to confirm it needs to be on the network that needs to be accounted for.
  • T-Mobile's John Legere boosts Apple Watch LTE speed limit in response to customer feedback...

    macxpress said:
    macxpress said:
    While thats nice....I still think its pure BS for carriers to charge for a watch to be added to the plan. Its the same line, not a different phone number. For this reason alone I will not get an LTE Apple Watch. I already pay out the wazooo for my cell phone...I don't appreciate being nickel and dime'd by these greedy carriers. 

    Every device added to a network consumes resources. If one person has: (1) one phone, (2) one tablet, and (3) one watch... that's 3 device slots occupied for that one user. It has an impact on the network's ability to accommodate more users, thus impacting the carrier's profit potential. So it makes sense that the carrier charge a small fee for the additional devices.
    Except a watch isn't going to take up any resources in the grand scheme of things. This is what the carriers want you to think. Don't fall into their trap. 
    It’s not going to be transferring as much data, but it will still continually ping the tower just as many times as other devices. The cell towers are already overloaded with traffic from devices just letting them know they are there -it’s not just about the amount of data that is transferred.