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  • First look: Apple's bionic iPhone X with Face ID

    If you still want to be critical you may want to see its compromises: the notch
    Compromise vs. what? Apple only had two choices with the Face ID hardware being included on the front of the phone: a full bar across the top or the notch. The former doesn't allow any additional screen space and the latter does. Can you really argue that not providing additional screen space would represent a lack of compromise? Makes more sense to say that the notch is the lack of compromise.
    The window managers on desktop operating systems are able to create windows in many fancy shapes, yet we have to see a window with ear shaped corners. The brain seeks for simplicity, the simpler it is, the easier to get it (and the most glucose-effective). Anyway, if Apple came with that shape, this is rather to communicate us a message rather than to provide additional screen space. They could make it flush left-right, resulting in a screen-wide bezel, with a bottom counterpart acting as a "function area" as Kuo divinated a few months ago. But they didn't do that, the reason not being differentiation from other smartphones but rather to reveal their efforts to begin to remove that top bezel by reducing it first. This is a reduced bezel, Apple doesn't like bezels at all and it strives to remove those completely. That is how I bind the notch to Apple's well known design perfectionism. And since the information displayed in those "ears" provides visual continuity through the sensor area making it unnoticeable, it is not a deal breaker. The notch is much less visible in real time usage than it is emphasized in promo material.
    I wonder about all this complaining about the notch. The notch is only apparent if you have a screen shot that runs top to bottom. If you would rather have a black bar across the top, can't you just use a screen shot that has a black band across the top? fwiw, I saw an iPhone X last weekend, and the top of the screen shot was black so you could only see the notch if you were looking hard.
  • T-Mobile's John Legere boosts Apple Watch LTE speed limit in response to customer feedback...

    rockit99 said:
    It's been puzzling reading this thread. I'm in the UK and we don't have to register a new device to use with a service. And I can't see why you need to. Forgetting the 'dozens of devices' comment earlier, surely, you have a phone contract with a data package. All your devices ( if you choose) go through that package, you're not using up extra bandwidth. I bought my partner an AW recently and just paired it with her iPhone. She uses either/or with no problem (be kind of tricky to use both together I guess!).

    I know it works a bit differently in the US (our phones work anywhere/everywhere no matter the provider) but wtf?
    If your device isn’t registered you aren’t going to get on a cellular network. It is one of the most basic things about cellular. 

    Your partners AW is connecting through your current cellular connection just like any devices you might tether through your phone. The AW3 connects directly to the cell towers.