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  • Relive the 2012 hit 'Angry Birds' rebuilt from the ground up for modern devices

    Looks like the app rebuild is true to the original, complete with the privacy invasion features.
  • Apple hires new HomePod Software Head to boost lackluster speaker sales

    charlesn said:
    I'm normally a 100% Apple guy, but the three smart speakers in my home are all Alexa-based because Siri is useless for too many things. It's that simple. And better HomePod software isn't going to change that. My impression is that Apple's Siri division basically slept through the last decade while Amazon left them in the dust when it comes to Alexa connectivity to the internet of things. Building a better speaker doesn't matter when it comes with a dumber assistant. 
    It really is astonishing how useless Siri is most of the time given the amount of time they’ve had to correct course.  It still can’t do what Google Assistant was doing 5 years ago much less come close to it today.  I still don’t use Google products because they track everything they can.  Come on Apple.
  • Developer interest in Mac is waning, study suggests

    Not sure that diminishing App Store submissions directly correlates to diminishing Mac development.
    Agree. As the Mac moves from Intel to M1, new app developers presumably want to focus on M1 and want a large enough installed base of M1 Macs to justify their effort. Seems too iOS developers will begin the work of making their iOS apps available on Mac App Store when that M1 base is worth it. Maybe the calm before… maybe not a storm.. but a beefy rain at least.
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  • T-Mobile CEO 'sorry' for data breach that affected 54 million users

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 4 or 5 times… 

    Will keep happening until there is real teeth in the penalty for these breaches.  Where is the legislation, legislators?  Why are we still leaving to companies to self police, or not, as they see fit?  Meanwhile we can vote with our pocketbooks.  Don’t support these repeat offenders!
  • Google Fi expanding VPN service from Android to iPhone

    gatorguy said:

    I don't think anyone commenting up until now had bothered looking into Project F, how it works, and how it increases your privacy.

    You’re embarrassing yourself with lack of understanding of how a VPN works and taking shots at people who do understand.  Hint: Notice in your link a reference to protecting you from third party monitoring.  There’s a reason they say third party and not “any”.