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  • Google Fi expanding VPN service from Android to iPhone

    Apple Google had only provided its Project Fi VPN to Android users”

    Running all net traffic through a Google product is increasing security? Out of the pan and into the fire!
  • Apple hires new HomePod Software Head to boost lackluster speaker sales

    charlesn said:
    I'm normally a 100% Apple guy, but the three smart speakers in my home are all Alexa-based because Siri is useless for too many things. It's that simple. And better HomePod software isn't going to change that. My impression is that Apple's Siri division basically slept through the last decade while Amazon left them in the dust when it comes to Alexa connectivity to the internet of things. Building a better speaker doesn't matter when it comes with a dumber assistant. 
    It really is astonishing how useless Siri is most of the time given the amount of time they’ve had to correct course.  It still can’t do what Google Assistant was doing 5 years ago much less come close to it today.  I still don’t use Google products because they track everything they can.  Come on Apple.
  • Relive the 2012 hit 'Angry Birds' rebuilt from the ground up for modern devices

    Looks like the app rebuild is true to the original, complete with the privacy invasion features.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says 'competitive interests' drive Apple's push for privacy

    Zuck hitting the gas on FBs long-standing disinformation campaign to cover what should have been an illegal business from the beginning.  He’s been busted before with his hand in the cookie jar stealing and selling user data, yet shamelessly tries to claim the high ground.  

    His whole business is so predicated on deceit that his only option is to go scorched earth on Apple for exposing it.  It’s not like he can pivot to an honest business, so he’ll fight and fight.

    Please stop using FB.

  • Belkin's MagSafe Boost Charge Pro review: worth the wait

    Nice but pricy IMO.  However, my interest faded entirely after Andrew mentioned no Nightstand mode...  This one’s not for me. 
    Same here. I would absolutely buy one of these wildly expensive chargers if not for the lack of nightstand mode for the watch.  Huge whiff, but easily corrected.
  • EU antitrust bill could force Apple to make sweeping changes to Siri, App Store & More

    A lot of this seems like a land grab by the EU… BUT… bringing some competition for still abysmally bad Siri on iOS is a good thing. Siri will get much better quickly with competition. Siri is still going nowhere fast compared to competitors because it has no iOS integrated voice assistant competition.  Look at the dramatic improvement in Maps given Waze and Google Maps are easily used on iOS.  I for one will not be using alternatives to Siri because of security issues and tracking in the competitor products.
  • Apple exec Eddy Cue nets $59M in vested company stock

    I like Eddy because of his history with the company and past with Jobs... but he's bitten off (or been given a bite) more than he can chew and should probably have a lesser role/comp at the company.  iTunes is a mess, AppleTV is still without content deals and not best in class, iCloud is still an untamed beast, etc.  Yes, yes, Apple has always had issues with cloud/SAS pre-dating MobileMe going back to eWorld... so you could say he runs the most difficult area of the business for Apple.  Ok, fair enough, but its still a mess so lets refresh and get some more talent on it, and reduce Eddy's load a little... and for god sakes lets not overpay him like this.  Its not like he has keys to the castle.