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  • EU law requiring easier iPhone battery replacement inches closer to enactment

    hexclock said:
    I understand all your points, but why should the consumer care if it’s hard to fix or open? They don’t have to fix it, Apple or some other tech does. 
    I remember being able to change my Palm Tree's battery when it wore out.  I defiantly care about this.  This and the ability to send a text message "Later" when you don't have reception is something that's beyond me as to why Apple has implemented yet.
  • The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is well implemented, but serves no useful purpose

    The touch bar is a gimmick to try to appease/fool those who want a Mac version of a Surface or Surface Pro combing of an iPad/Touch Screen Mac.  I was surprised they didn't bring it to the wireless keyboard and until it's function is seen on a all Macs it's just a gimmick.  I will agree it is well implemented. 
  • CrossOver 17 ships, lets Mac users run Windows versions of Microsoft Office 2016, Quicken ...

    appex said:
    appex said:
    appex said:
    Windows 10 supported?
    "The latest iteration of the software, which allows applications built for Windows to run within macOS without requiring a Windows license or installation"
    Yes, I know, but sometimes you need to run Windows itself. I know CrossOver allows to install older Windows versions, but does it allow to install the latest Windows 10?
    Crossover doesn't and can't install any full version of Windows at all. Are you referring to the bottles?
    Yes, I mean to install Windows 10 itself as a bottle. Is that possible? Thanks.
    No this is not possible.  Bottles are environments for windows programs to run... NOT windows itself.  You cannot run windows with this.  Why would you want to if your programs can run naively without it?  With this you can run Quicken for Windows, Microsoft Access for Windows, and other windows software.  This is ideal for someone who needs a few programs that are NOT available on the Mac or the Windows version allows something that the Mac version does not.  The beauty of this software is that it doesn't require a partition or Windows operating system.  Programs will run in a bottle that the software creates to allow it to execute all the libraries and windows code that it needs to run.  Because Macs have INTEL Chip sets, all of this is executed without virtualization which means the software will run as fast as it should in boot camp.  No need to waste your hard drive space with an additional OS.

    If you really want to run windows on a mac go the boot camp or virtualization route.  Programs like Parallels, VMWare, and Virtualbox for Mac.  This is what you're looking for.  
  • Microsoft brings Windows 10's Edge browser to Apple's iPhone in early preview form

    I've noticed that uninstall instructions for Mac apps always just say "Drag the app to the trash" but a search that reveals invisible and system files always turns up several related files scattered around the system drive.

    Isnt the Mac approach of storing various supporting files in the Library and other folders similar to what Windows does?

    Not exactly, and I'll explain why

     Most of the time the files that a program installs or creates on a Mac are either text files that the application uses to record things like your registration ID or preferences as to how you want to customize the app.  These are negligible.. If you delete them, the app will simply recreate these again next time you re-launch. If you leave them after you delete the app it's never an issue because it has no impact on your system or other programs.    

    Some files that Application can install could be font files (Like Microsoft will install ithe system).. If you uninstall the program by dragging it to the trash those will remain on your system that's correct..  It's very easy to manage your fonts on the Mac because there is an application called font book, but you can also go to the font's folder.  

    Here's the thing though,  these are files (Preferences, fonts etc..) that the program does not need to run.. Windows hierarchy although it has been tweaked and is a changing system.. still requires a registry, still relies on file extensions, and will put files that a program needs to run in one directory and in another directory. etc..

    This Is why windows must rely on a registry to associate where all those program files (and supporting files) are.  If I change something, or install a program that is not properly prepared, it can disrupt the registry and I run the risk of having a computer that's not useable. (Also like messing with .dll files)

    On the Mac all pertinent files needed for that application to run are self contained in the Icon that represents the program.   This icon is actually a folder but I can move it to whatever directly I want.  the Desktop, the Trash, the documents folder.  It will still run.  I can re-title It and it will still run.  Of course you can create short cuts as well.

    Last but not least there are 'Extension Type files" that an application can install that modify behavior of the Mac of allow a program to have access to other systems.  An example of this wold be Antivirus software.  These programs usually do include an Un-install feature because they do put some files other directories.  Out of all the program installations mentioned this would appear to be the most windows like.  There aren't many programs that do this, and it is a simple matter of dragging the program to the trash, and removing the extension (which the un-installer will do for you).  Again.. if you remove the extension only, the program will either re-install the extension, or ask you to run the installer again, but no other programs on the Mac will be effected (or the operating system).  If you remove the program, but leave the extension, the effect is negligible. 

    So yes.. there are  programs that do install some files in other places, but changing, moving, deleting those files doesn't effect the operating system, and moving the actual program to another directory (Or renaming it) doesn't affect the program.  Most of the time it really is as simple as dragging the program to the trash.  Otherwise, run the uninstall program.  Don't worry about the preference files as they are text documents and take up very little room.

    lorin schultz