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  • AT&T & Verizon won't delay 5G rollout over aviation safety concerns

    What mystifies me is that the airlines are not saying (or the news media isn't reporting) what DATA they are seeing to warrant the delays.  It sounds like emotion and paranoia is guiding their actions and sadly, this has the desired effect on the public and elected officials.

    On the flip side, the telcos have DATA (actual test results) showing that little or no concern about interference exists.

  • Apple to overtake Samsung in Q4 2021, 5G iPhone SE coming in 2022

    mike1 said:
    Fred257 said:
    I’m absolutely buying the SE and dumping my 12 mini.

    I picked up my friends 2nd generation SE and it was so light, then and had Touch ID.
    much nicer then the mini which is HUGE and feels slow in comparison 

    I find it near impossible to believe that a 12 Mini feels slower than an SE.

    Agreed.  The iPhone 13 mini has 5G and the same processor as the bigger brothers.  Not sure what the problem is.   If you want a smaller phone, it seems like just the ticket.
  • Apple employees threaten to quit as company takes hard line stance on remote work

    dysamoria said:
    The anti-worker hostility shown here is callous, presumptuous, and generally appalling. None of you have any idea what any of these employees’ lives are like.

    The reason Apple wants to force every worker into being on site for a certain percentage of time probably has a lot more to do with making sure their insanely expensive building/campus isn’t sitting empty, because that would be embarrassing for a company that cares a lot about their image.

    It’s been noted that people don’t like working there. Open floor plans and glass walls/doors suck for actual humans and productivity. The main building is like the Powermac G4 cube and the trashcan Mac Pro: all form; poorly-considered function.

    Then there’s the basic fact that the 40-hour workweek and officespace culture is just plain unhealthy.

    Instead of being bitter about what you see as “entitled” employees who should get shit on just the same as you do, maybe think about trying to raise the bar for EVERYONE (which includes yourselves). Stop licking the corporate boot and acting like you’re living vicariously through the boot wearers.
    Wow.  I certainly hope your opinion isn't widespread.  It would be cancerous. 

    Also, I suppose you've been to Apple Park since you commented on it.... I found it a very welcoming environment in which to work.   There are many places where employees can run into each other, just like Jobs envisioned.  And the amenities are second to none... it's a great place to work.   I can't believe our opinions of the same place are so different.
  • 'Ted Lasso' wins Peabody Award for its 'radical optimism'

    First, hats off to Ted Lasso - love the show.

    But I can't help but be saddened that an optimism is rare enough to garner enough attention to garner awards.   Perhaps it is the start of a trend!  (but maybe I'm just being optimistic :smile: )

  • iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro pre-order results beat iPhone 11 launch, Kuo says

    Of course AT&T wants more $$$ for adding 5G service, so they’re hoping to earn it back. 

    At least in the US, the carriers are being much more aggressive about subsidizing new phones for new and existing customers this time around.  I know nothing is truly "free" but in practical, dollar-and-cents many customers with a 3-year-old phone can trade it in (and re-up for 2.5 years) and get a free high-end phone.  That'll be great for Apple's bottom line.

    Where do you get that?  AT&T isn't charging any more on their plans for 5G access.