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  • Apple 'fixes' bagel emoji to look tastier in upcoming iOS 12.1 update

    Rayz2016 said:

    davgreg said:
    Nice to know Apple has it's priorities in order.

    Where's the new Mac mini and Mac Pro?

    I read somewhere that Apple's hardware engineers were taken off the Mac Pro project to be retrained as specialist bagel iconographers, so that might explain the delay.

    Always pays to have a second string to your bow.
    I was going to respond to davgreg but then I saw yours.  
    Good one 👍
  • Users spending hours on their smartphone, but they're using them like a PC, not a phone

    No way I would use a phone for much browsing. I would prefer a bigger screen and an actual keyboard, i.e. a Mac.
    Depends where you are.
    In a train or bus on the way to work a Mac may not be the ideal device. 
    In crowded conference room at work it may not be the ideal device either. 

    In both of the above situations, I tend to use an iPad. Others may use their iPhone + or max. 
  • After 8 years, IDC admits Apple's iPad is leading the tablet market 'unabated'

    Hi Dan,
    I think there's one more reason why Surface should be considered a failure, that no one has touched upon.
    The potential pool of the world wide Windows users. We constantly hear how MS Windows has an install base of more than 1 billion devices, therefore there should be that many potential upgraders to the holy grail of the Windows world.  Why is it then that Mac is outselling them quarter after quarter with their minuscule "market share"? 
  • After 8 years, IDC admits Apple's iPad is leading the tablet market 'unabated'

    MplsP said:
    I just wish Apple would hurry up and make the iOS file system more useable. I got an iPad Pro as a replacement for my MacBook Air about a year ago and after that 6 months of trying to make it work I gave up and bought a MacBook Pro. There are still too many compromises in IOS. If they can fix those limitations the would expand the iPad market significantly.
    It all depends what you want to do with the iPad.
    If you bought it to do regular desk job type of stuff then I agree, it's not the ideal tool. Not because of file system or ports, but mostly due to ergonomics. I'd be willing to bet that many young people today crouched over tiny screens all day long will eventually develop back problems in their 40's and 50's. 
    If on the other hand you want to do casual work, like reading news, personal banking, watching videos on your commute to work, then it's the ideal device. Better even then an iPhone XS max.  
  • YouTuber trolls Twitter in "Beautygate" sting using iPhone XS Max photos identified as Pix...

    While many in the tech media are all over this beautygate thing, millions upon millions of ordinary people flock to their local Apple stores and are buying the XS and max, in droves. 
    I think we can let the dozens upon dozens of Youtubers and tech Illuminati at CNet/Verge etc. have their fun until they forget this gate and move on to the next gate. 
    IMO these #gates have been so overused that they’re loosing their lustre.