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  • Apple working on 15-inch MacBook Air, smaller 12-inch MacBook with M2

    wood1208 said:
    thedba said:
    Finally. This was the most mind boggling elitist position that Apple held for so long: In a world where the average laptop price is $800 and the average screen size is 15 in, to require its customers to pay a minimum of $2500 to get a screen at least that size was infuriating and depressingly out of touch IMO. I predict their market share is going to grow significantly once the 15 in MBA is available, assuming it’s in line with the $1199 13.6 in, so, like, no more than $1499. 
    Apple hasn't played the market share game for ages. 
    The game they do play, is called profit share. And in that one they more than often suck out all the oxygen out of the room, leaving the rest of the industry to battle it out for scraps. 
    The average laptop price you're talking about often translates into "average" and often "below average" products, with screens "starting at 1080p" a body made of plastic and fans working overtime to heat your room and not only during winter.  Let's not talk about dismal battery life and often dismal performance when opening up a Word document greater than 10 pages long.
    As for the 15" MBA, it's just a rumour. Until Apple actually announces it will remain just that.

    15" MBA is a rumor for now but seeing people's interest on every article on web about it means Apple is working on it or not but there certainly lots of interest in a 15" Macbook Air version. Without doubt, it seems significant Macbook customer base who wants larger screen,light as possible in weight, smaller frame as possible and reasonable price against more performance. Apple has to figure out but it will be fool not to offer such Macbook Air or whatever you want to call it like Macbook Air Max.
    Internet fora are echo chambers for a tiny minority of Apple users. Wanting/needing a 15" MBA for those people does not necessarily translate into sales for Apple.
    If the hypothetical 15" MBA is priced at no more than $1400 then maybe you get a bunch of non techs to buy it.
    If on the other hand Apple prices it at around $1600 then chances are it won't sell as well.  
    In the end it's all speculation, since Apple hasn't announced such a product. 
  • Compared: Apple Studio Display vs Alogic Clarity Monitor

    timmillea said:
    In previous years, the Apple premium was for excellence in design. Now Jobs and Ive have gone, and new products are feeding through, that is no longer the case. Apple are starting to put out mediocre products, bigger, heavier and more expensive than those they replace. The Mac Studio should have been a Mac Mini. The Studio display should have been exactly the Pro Display but at one third of the price. Apple will continue with a momentum of brand loyalty but these mediocre products are slowing the flywheel and if they continue without design excellence, their USP will expire and the the flywheel will lose all its momentum. 
    I'm sure that Apple, Dell, Samsung, LG are all anxiously waiting for your CV because you figured out how to make a 6K monitor with, what is it, 500 local dimming zones, at $2000, while the rest of those loosers are still hacking away at only 4K and 5K monitors.  
    We're all waiting with bated breath for your solution to come out.
  • Compared: AirPods Max versus Sony WH-1000XM5

    mpantone said:
    entropys said:
    Best thing about the xm5s is the still very good XM4s will be even cheaper.  And the XM4s fold up compactly.

    I can’t understand what value proposition there is for Airpods Max.
    While I've never tried any of the Sony cans or the AirPods Max, I'm wondering the same thing. (I own Bose QC25s which have gone unused since I acquired my AirPods Pro).

    Just looking at the numbers, the AirPods Max are 5 ounces heavier than the XM5s. That is a LOT of extra weight on your head.
    This where I’d give the advantage to the AirPods Max because of that mesh. It’s simply more comfortable to me and doesn’t produce a pressure point on the top of my head. 
    I don’t have hair and every other headphone I’ve tried, I feel that pressure point. My head btw is shaped like Mark Ellis’ on youtube.
  • Apple's iPhone 15 will be first with USB-C, claims Kuo

    jcs2305 said:
    For USB-C Magic Mouse, please have the charging port on the side and frontal. Currently I have 2 Magic Mouses because of the dumb charging port on the bottom. I wonder if that's Jony Ive's decision.
    I never got the uproar over this?  Plug it in for 2 minutes and go get some coffee or a drink of water stretch your legs B)

    A full charge takes as little as two hours, while a quick two minutes of charging is enough to give you nine hours of use before the mouse needs a refill.

    You would think that after a couple of times of having their mouse run out of juice, they would’ve learned their lesson by now. Maybe a repeating reminder every 10th week to charge your keyboard and mouse?

    Second observation, don’t they ever take a lunch break? Say 30 minutes charge during lunch will definitely get you through the day. 

    Such first world problems many of them have.
  • Apple Studio Display review: How badly do you want an all-Apple experience?

    entropys said:
    It definitely should come with the height adjustable stand as standard.  

    Another AirPods max.
    The Apple Cinema Display of old, never had an adjustable stand.
    The iMacs don’ have an adjustable stand.

    If adjustability is an issue for you, then getting the VESA option and mounting it on an arm is the way to go. 

    And what do the AirPods Max have anything to do with this?