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  • LG working on Pro Display XDR successor & 2 other high-end monitors, reportedly for Apple

    Even back in 2015, I would’ve paid $1000 for an Apple Thunderbolt Display but at 4K or greater resolution, if they had it.
    They didn’t offer that so I moved on and yes went to Dell’s 27” 4K offering.  

    Not a big deal for me since I don’t need the HDR/XDR displays Apple offers. 
  • New MacBook Pro models limited to HDMI 2.0

    Translation:  They are NOT SO PRO!  Spend all that money and still no 2.1 port...  *SMH*
    OMG what are we to do?
    (Price seen below is in Canadian dollars)

  • New MacBook Pro models limited to HDMI 2.0

    seanj said:
    entropys said:
    Yes it should. Hardly anyone has USBc projectors. But they all have hdmi.
    Who on Earth has projectors in this day and age?
    Never use HDMI ports, DP is so superior.
    Many conference rooms use them. 
    The problem with many of these so called pros you hear from in these forums, is the constant whining of how come Apple took away such and such port from their beloved Mac circa 2012 or whatever. 
    Part of being a “pro” is planning ahead of time for your presentations. As part of that planning you call ahead and find out what technology said conference room or auditorium is using. If it’s HDMI and your laptop does not have that port, then you make sure to carry a TB3 —> HDMI adapter with you. 

    Now Apple has brought back the HDMI port on the MBP but we still have someone on this forum complaining that its HDMI 2.0 and not HDMI 2.1. 

    Can’t please everyone I guess. 
  • New MacBook Pro models limited to HDMI 2.0

    netrox said:
    HDMI should have never been put there. 
    Everyone I know uses one when connecting to a tv for a presentation. All the pros are happy about this. In fact, show me one legitimate pro who says Apple should never have a HDMI and or SD card. 
    I’m one Pro who doesn’t care if the HDMI port is there or not. 
    I ordered one of these machines yesterday to replace my 2015 15” MBP (which has an HDMI port btw), but all my recent presentations weren’t even done with the laptop.
    I use my 11” iPad Pro. Much more compact, much smaller but yes I have to use a USBC —> HDMI dongle. Still much easier to transport than the laptop.
    For the office, I just use a Thunderbolt dock which has all the ports I need. 
  • New MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor will ditch Touch Bar, adopt MagSafe

    MplsP said:
    crowley said:
    chia said:
    Clamourers for USB-A ports on the new MacBook Pros have appeared with depressing predictability. It seems contradictory to want old tech on new products: the official USB organisation has dropped the USB-A connector from the current standard: USB 4 is achieved only via USB-C connectors.

    All this clamour for USB-A ports is ironic seeing how 20 years ago Apple introduced the iMac with just USB[-A] ports, and there was lots of whining back then as to why Apple couldn’t also add the SCSI and Serial ports of the day. 

    The USB-C connector is superior both in ease of use and the features it can offer; if Apple kept on catering to the technology luddites we’d all still be using ”laptops” the size and weight of the Macintosh Portable with ADB and SCSI ports.

    It’s difficult to believe that those incapable of adapting to a $20-50 USB-C/Bluetooth mouse, or a $20 dollar USB-C to HDMI cable/adaptor, are serious, or should be taken seriously, in their consideration of several thousand dollar MacBook Pros for professional revenue earning work.
    The USB-C connector is inferior in one crucial way: it doesn't work with the millions of USB-A devices already out there, at least not without an additional adaptor.  

    People who want USB-A are not luddites, we're perfectly happy for USB-C ports to be on our devices, and will use them as we acquire USB-C devices.  But we don't want to have our existing experience with USB-A accessories to be compromised for some corporate crusade for technological progress and simplicity that we haven't bought into.  Many of those USB-A devices are far in excess of the $20-50 that you pluck out of the air, and it wouldn't even matter if they weren't; Apple demanding any additional purchases of a MacBook upgrader is obnoxious and turns people off Apple.  The exact same was true with the original iMac; Apple should have had legacy ports.

    There will be a day when USB-A is small beans, where the number of accessories has dwindled to the insignificant, and that is the appropriate time to drop the port.  Apple dropped it for some of the notebookswhen they were still selling iPhone with USB-A cables, so quit the apologist claptrap.
    Exactly. The USB C ports on my MBP are all USB 3. They have no USB capabilities that a USB A port doesn't but they won't work without an adapter, making them inferior from a usability perspective. USB C can do power delivery, but unless you need more than 15W it doesn't matter. 
    dk49 said:
    viclauyyc said:
    dk49 said:
    After having used the Macbook Pro with touch bar for 4 years, I can tell you that it's been basically useless for me. Even a hindrance. And I think most people feel the same. Otherwise why would Apple remove it?

    The only thing I will miss about the touch bar is the spelling suggestions which were handy. 
    USB-A port is still very useful and important, yet apple still removed It years ago. 
    They are not the same thing. Usb-a was a legacy tech (with USB-C replacing it). Touch bar was supposed to be the new "standard". So it's a quite different situation.  
    You can't really call USB A a legacy tech. (to quote a lot of other people, it's only a connector.) As I said above, with the exception of power delivery USB A has all the same capabilities as USB C. Once USB 4 comes out that will change, but realistically, USB 3 is still more than adequate for almost everything people need anyway, and as a connector it is still dramatically more prevalent than USB C.
    So through one USB-A port you can drive two 4K screens and deliver power at the same time?
    USB4/TB3 can, never heard of any USB-A port that can do the same.,,Computers-OWC,b&msclkid=181f921f9b7110478871f37207eff97d