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  • Apple AR headset could cost consumers over $2,000

    Another device that will continue to add space between what's in your head and reality. I prefer reality.

    It will be cool, but no thanks. 
  • Apple AR headset could cost consumers over $2,000

    Perhaps you should wait for Apple to debut the product.
  • T-Mobile blocking Apple's iCloud Private Relay for some - but it's complicated

    "digital sovereignty" - a self claimed corporate right.

    That's a nice term that basically mean go off yourself. The corporate clown that thought that one up should be skewed and spit roasted.

    This is exactly the kind of issue where government regulation (which I am not a fan of) is supposed to step in and protect individual citizens from being raped by the likes of T-Mobile, ATT, Verizon, UK and EU carriers. Socialist EU will do the right thing in a heartbeat. The UK may protect you. The USA, however, is and always has been for sale to the corporation with themes open checkbook so Americans should not count on legislators to protect citizens. Oh yeah, the Supreme Court said a while back the corporations are citizens and have the same rights as individuals.

    Once again, the people are raped and the rapist writes a check and laughs.
  • Apple worker walkout organizers issue demands, size of strike unclear

    What is wrong with some of you? Does civil discourse exist for you or is just when you can be anonymous behind the keyboard you grow really big ones?
  • 'Apple Together' group organizing corporate, retail walkout on Dec. 24

    BoreDum said:
    tommikele said:

    Don't like the conditions and your employer isn't breaking the law? Have conviction and quit. Walking off the job is a very different thing than a protest. By all means protest. Walk off the job? See you at the unemployment office.

    Odds are good Cher Scarlett is behind much of this.
    I’m not excusing Apple, but No job is perfect.  If there’s a bad manager then they should be let go.  The simple fact that Apple is giving to HBCUs and other gender equality organizations should be a testament to their corporate image.  

    Some folks really do have a victim hood mindset that every slight or miss promotions or perceive emotion is a grievance.  I don’t know this “ Cher Scarlett” lady, but according to Wiki (yeah I know) she has a history of jumping companies and filing lawsuits.  
    The reality that you might not understand is that if there is a bad manager, Apple has not been taking action to let these people go. Also, there have been instances of Apple as an employer breaking the law directly through not allowing conversations of working conditions or wages to be talked about.

    I did quit, sent an email talking about wages and working conditions, and my email got deleted (by the bad manager) from the store's server. Pretty illegal if you ask me.

    It's a shame when individuals assume they know the scope of a situation without ever being in that situation themselves.
    Although I have the feeling we don't agree on much of this and neither of us is likely to breach that divide, I do applaud you for following through on your convictions and principles.. If more did on all sides of this fence, mutual respect would grow and likely find common ground more often.

    That said ...

    Someone is a company deleting your email is "pretty illegal?" I don't think so unless it is destruction of evidence in a criminal, civil, EEOC, etc. action. The manager you mention had your email credentials? You made your complaint with the manager and not HR?. IT is my understanding from some in the company that Apple has a specified procedure for sending employee complaints. Not saying that delivers justice just that a system exists and did you use it? Yes, I know HR in any company can not be trusted by employees, even the higher ups. They will always screw the employee and protect the company. That their job. Fair and equitable outcomes is not at all what they do despite what they say in the handbook or whatever they call it these days. I am just not getting the full picture from what you are saying here

     Saying you can not discuss certain business matters is not illegal unless there is a labor law somewhere that gives you that right. Freedom of speech on someone else's property is a figment of the imagination. It is also my guess you signed an employment agreement or were informed what was taboo. You may not have read it in detail or seen the fine print, but these people are specialists in covering their rear ends.