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  • Apple's Tim Cook says iPhone 8 & Apple Watch Series 3 seeing localized sellouts

    Has Cook ever not been thrilled about something? Well when it comes to Apple not politics or something else. Realistically speaking a 30+% drop in the stock prices is coming just like in 12 and 15. Is this it or does it have one more new high in it? I was thinking it would drop after guidance for the next quarter came out (which I assume will be extremely strong) and people realized it had made another top. Thought it would hit 175-180 before the drop, but maybe 165 was the top this time. Constructive opinions or thoughts?
  • Alphabet again briefly overtakes Apple as America's most valuable company

    Don't worry, if you think this is a good time to buy just wait a few months until it's in the 70s then it will be an even better time to buy.  The iPhone7 sales are going to be terrible, but you can take solace in the fact Cook will declare it their best product ever.
  • Rumor: Apple's 2017 iPhone will be radical redesign with Touch ID, FaceTime camera & speaker embedd

    Cobra101 said:
    SEEMS ike the next phone will be the same old same old..
    Stock just hit $89.89. If Apple isn't buying now for their buyback program, the entire board of directors should be fired.
    I have news for you skippy this is going to hit the 70s regardless of what they do.  Sales figures for the iPhone7 are going to be "terrible" because it's basically the same phone as they've been selling.  And by terrible I mean relative to the last two releases. 

    Not saying it isn't a great phone, it is, but at the money they are charging you need to do more than make it a millimeter thinner to get people to upgrade.
  • Apple Inc. shares reach ex-dividend as it gears up to distribute $2.9 billion to shareholders

    The dividend increase was nice, but the bigger story is the iPhone7 looks to be the least exciting upgrade released since the iPhone was invented and if it is what impact is that going to have on sales?  They are spending more on R&D then ever but it doesnt seem to be translating to improvements that excite customers.  You would think the 6S might be the floor as far as sales go, but with the bigger screen phone being out for two years how many people are out there that will buy the 7 just for the larger screen plus the incremental upgrades to the battery, camera, size and style?  In short I see 2017 as another year of declining iPhone sales and don't think it's going to be that close.  I'm sure Cook doesnt see it that way, but by all means where is the logic wrong?
  • Apple Inc. shares reach ex-dividend as it gears up to distribute $2.9 billion to shareholders

    jonl said:
    stompy said:
    This is incorrect. Again. I guess the good news is this only happens once per quarter. ;)

    Apple gets the list of registered owners on the record date and pays them a dividend.
    AI, you're confused because it takes a transaction 3 business days to settle (in this case, to become the registered owner).

    before ex-dividend + hold at least until ex-dividend arrives = dividends
    The part you quoted is sort of correct, but you're right, it's again an overall inaccurate, misleading article, but good for a quarterly lol. I say "sort of" because it implies investors have to actively "settle ownership," which is wrong.

    Here's the deal. AAPL went  ex-dividend on May 5. You needed to have owned the stock through the end of May 4 to collect the dividend. People who purchased the stock on May 5 were excluded from the dividend, hence the term, "ex-dividend". Those who were eligible for the dividend were free to sell it on May 5; they will still get the dividend.

    To be fair, Apple itself reports only the settlement date, not the ex-dividend date, which is rather stupid, because you have to get out a calendar, count backwards, and account for weekends and holidays to turn it into usable information.

    Still no excuse for AI to incorrectly use the term "ex-dividend" quarter after quarter in these articles.
    It takes about 5 seconds to google Apple's ex date.  Why you would get a calendar and count backward is bizarre.