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  • Apple's Tim Cook says iPhone 8 & Apple Watch Series 3 seeing localized sellouts

    Has Cook ever not been thrilled about something? Well when it comes to Apple not politics or something else. Realistically speaking a 30+% drop in the stock prices is coming just like in 12 and 15. Is this it or does it have one more new high in it? I was thinking it would drop after guidance for the next quarter came out (which I assume will be extremely strong) and people realized it had made another top. Thought it would hit 175-180 before the drop, but maybe 165 was the top this time. Constructive opinions or thoughts?
  • Rumor: Apple's 2017 iPhone will be radical redesign with Touch ID, FaceTime camera & speaker embedd

    Cobra101 said:
    SEEMS ike the next phone will be the same old same old..
    Stock just hit $89.89. If Apple isn't buying now for their buyback program, the entire board of directors should be fired.
    I have news for you skippy this is going to hit the 70s regardless of what they do.  Sales figures for the iPhone7 are going to be "terrible" because it's basically the same phone as they've been selling.  And by terrible I mean relative to the last two releases. 

    Not saying it isn't a great phone, it is, but at the money they are charging you need to do more than make it a millimeter thinner to get people to upgrade.
  • Rumor: Apple's 2017 iPhone will be radical redesign with Touch ID, FaceTime camera & speaker embedd

    Time for Cook to start playing games and point to the "bright future" while Rome burns.  I'm really not sure what he brings to the table to warrant being CEO.  The fact he clearly doesnt understand you cant make tiny upgrades and expect people to keep forking out a good chunk of change every couple years is really concerning.  The bigger issue is he just keeps parroting the same lines over and over again like anyone is going to believe him at this point.  I've said it before and I will say it again, this will hit 75 before it hits 100 again.
  • Rumored 'iPhone 7' design schematic shows size similar to iPhone 6s, bigger camera opening

    Bottom line is the rumored changes don't seem like they will get sales growth started again and its an almost certainty this release will fall short of prior releases.  The question then becomes where will sales level off or will they continue to erode?  Neither seems like an investors dream scenario. 

    Cook will sell it as the best iPhone yet, and he will be right, just not right enough for people to buy it in the numbers Apple will need.  Doesn't mean they aren't making great products, but they will need more than a better camera and thinner phone to bring investors back.

    Overall Cook seems like a terrible steward of the company.  The watch was much ado about nothing.  It really looks like he's put all his eggs in the iPhone basket and doesnt want to take a realistic look at where sales of the golden goose are going.

  • Alphabet again briefly overtakes Apple as America's most valuable company

    Don't worry, if you think this is a good time to buy just wait a few months until it's in the 70s then it will be an even better time to buy.  The iPhone7 sales are going to be terrible, but you can take solace in the fact Cook will declare it their best product ever.
  • Apple buybacks to resume on Friday, gobbling up stock priced near the lowest of 2016

    ac1234 said:
    More money WASTED by Cook - the buybacks have done nothing for shareholders or Apple - use that money to give us far larger dividends - not the pathetic 2% a year as it is now.
    That's the point: at current stock prices, most of the buybacks last year were made at higher prices. However, Apple expects that to change, based on more information that you have available to yourself. Also, you can't say buybacks haven't helped the stock price because without them it likely would be even lower.
    You are really giving Cook and co a lot of credit.  How many YEARS did it take before they realized they need to build a phone with a bigger screen?  And do you really think they know what the Chinese govt will do?  They've propped up the stock price, but falling revenue will offset buybacks.  Ac is right.  A larger dividend would put in a better floor then buybacks.
  • Citing concerns in China, activist investor Carl Icahn no longer owns shares of Apple

    sog35 said:
    And Tim Cook is on THE BOARD also. One of 8 members.

    come on dude. get real. 

    I'm all for get rid of the board also. Its full of clowns and idiots who know nothing about the current tech enviroment and probably just let Cook do what he wants.

    The bottom line is Tim Cook is responsible for the $115 billion waste of buyback. It falls on HIM. PERIOD.

    You're a truly ignorant person. One person has never run Apple's board. Then again, you wouldn't know a goddamn thing about it since you've never worked there.
    Like you have?  How much does the board make to innovate a larger screen.  in Cook's 4+ years that's about the sum of his impact on the company.