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  • Foxconn claims it can make all of Apple's iPhones outside China

    ksec said:
    Worth doing some numbers.

    Apple roughly ships 200M iPhone, 100M of those are not the latest, i.e iPhone 8 and below. Foxconn in India already has the ability to assemble those phones if and when needed. It is only a matter of scale.

    US has roughly 30% of Apple's revenue, so assuming in perfect scale ( which won't be the case but for the sake of numbers ), Foxconn will need to assemble 15M older generation iPhone and 15M latest iPhone outside of China.
    I think you need to change your last figures to 30M of each phone. 
  • Here are the five biggest iPad Pro problems, because no device is perfect

    crosslad said:
    Here’s how to solve your problems:

    1 External Drive support - use a WiFi Drive
    2 Lack if mouse - use the Apple Pencil
    3 Headphone jack - use a dongle or a device with a usb c jack. 3.5 headphone jacks have gone from mobile devices
    4 Overpowered - come on, rendering a video in less than half the time is a problem. It will also future proof the iPad. 
    5 Storage - see 1
    1. That slows my files transfers to the speed of the WiFi connection. And I get another device that needs to be kept charged. Yay.

    2. Use a pencil while the iPad is positioned semi-vertically on the keyboard, and/or while viewing the image on that external monitor the iPad now supports? I wish you luck making it work in either of those obvious scenarios.

    3. If I use a dongle to feed the sound system, where will I connect the cable for the projector?
    1. I use a Verbatim Media Share device connected to an old Iomega hard drive for backing up from my phone works fine imo. There are also suitable flash drives if you need faster transfer, I have a Greendisk lightening flash drive for my phone, again this works very well.
    2 Grapic designers use a Wacom Tablet instead of a mouse, the iPad makes a great Wacom replacement. 
    3 USB C hubs are easily available and inexpensive. Not sure how many USB C ports you can chain together but imagine it will be more than you will ever need. 
  • Gartner, IDC were both wildly wrong in guessing Apple's Q4 Mac shipments

    elijahg said:
    entropys said:
    The best bit of the slide was how irrelevant surface sales are, a little blip waaaay out on the end. Although I find 0.3m hard to believe, you see them around a fair bit.

    anyway, back on topic, what What NHT and Soli said.
    Here in the UK I see people with Surface tablets more often than iPads, but both are much less common than laptops. How about comparing iPads to the rest of the tablet market, Timmy? Once upon a time Apple was miles out ahead in terms of tablet sales. I do think they have missed the boat a bit with the iPad: iPad is still essentially a giant iPhone, whereas the Surface tablet is a full blown Windows PC. I find I still can't do a lot of things I need to on an iPad, so I still need a "proper" computer to do the rest. I expected the iPad's OS to slowly evolve toward more of desktop metaphor, but it seems Apple pretty much abandoned it software wise between about 2012 and 2016, and even now it's still really a giant iPhone. The UI still feels simplified and lacking power. For some of course this is great, it allows you to focus on one task and carry it out really well, but as soon as you try and do something that's not in Apple's very structured workflow, it's a real hassle.
    Also in the U.K. I don’t know a single person with a Surface of any description but know plenty of people with iPads. 
  • It took Apple four days to sell initial iPhone XR supply

    saltyzip said:
    This phone will always be known as a 2018 Apple device that doesnt have even a full HD (1080p) screen.

    Apple being Apple and saving money anyway they can to keep their shareholders happy. Scamming consumers who dont know better. I thought it was all about the screen, so why not even provide a 1080p screen on a 2018 device that starts from £749 disgraceful!

    The XR has the same pixel density as my iPhone SE. The SE has a gorgeous screen that looks better than any of my 1080p OLED screens. 
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  • How to make interactive group presentations with an Apple TV and iPad

    “If you're really slick, and don't need the venue's internet connection or network, you'll bring your own router all configured and ready to go. It might be worth snapping up an AirPort Express for just this thing and velcroing it to your Apple TV.”

    You can mirror your iPad to Apple TV without an internet connection. I use this feature on my Apple TV 3.