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  • How to choose between the new 13-inch MacBook Pro versus the 16-inch MacBook Pro

    Ya I love my Mac mini.  I bought my i5 on sale. Then added 32gb of memory from owc.  Can’t say it was a easy install. Wish Apple would make the memory easier like the old ones.  Anyways, 32 gb ram 6 cores and it’s the fastest production machine I’ve owned for less than $1500.  I have it hooked up to some old monitors but they were top of the line back in the day.  23in and 30 in Apple cinema dIsplays.  Mini has plenty of USB ports.   Moved from a 16gb ram I7 MacBook Pro and I kind of wish I bought 64gb of ram. My wife usually has Firefox open playing her Netflix on one screen and safari open with 20 tabs, then word, excel, acrobat,  and photoshop open with 200 pictures lol.  She’s been pushing 27gb of ram regularly.  Works great.  Should keep me going for 5 years at least.   
  • Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max - the benchmarks

    One other thing.  A simple test of your network.  if you have a 200 internet speed.  Plug your laptop into ethernet on the router.  test the speed sevaral times which will give you your baseline max speed.   then unplug and do the same test on your wifi.   those numbers should be almost the same except for ping numbers.   Can't beat ethernet for ping speed.  A old AirPort Extreme 6th generation with 802.11ac will do just that.   I've tested it on several different provider networks at different houses and it hasn't let me down yet up to 400 lol.  we don't have anything faster than 400 in our area.   People should always test it anyways because why pay the extra money for 200 if all your wifi puts out is 50.
  • Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max - the benchmarks

    Ya there's something wrong with their wifi network.  Probably a fios/frontier wifi router which are garbage.   We had a 200/200 connection with fios and tech guy setting it up would make a lame excuse of "to get those speeds you have to be on ethernet"  when I complained of only being able to get 25-50 on my phone right next to the router.  Hooked up my AirPort Extreme to their router and get a consistent 230/230 all the time.  Even with my current service of Spectrum my airport will hit 400 down on my phone so they should have a standardized wifi router that produces consistent high speeds like the AirPort Extreme.   For me, dealing with several providers and equipment and the gradual increase in internet speeds over the last 10 years when you get a crappy speed result like this one Id go dust off the old AirPort Extreme that they probably retired for some google mesh network and test on something you know gives consistent results on high speed Internet connections.
  • How to live with a Mac mini or MacBook Air with a small internal drive

    Still for efficiency in a workflow and ease of use I’ll still recommend macs.  I keep my macs usually for 5 years but this time my workhorse 2012 13 MacBook Pro i7 with ssd and max ram lasted me almost 7 years still just as fast as I bought it.  Boots in 10 seconds running mojave. Tell me the same experience on a windows computer.  I finally upgraded this year to a i5 Mac mini which I got for $900 from bestbuy open box certified.    Installed 32gb of ram myself.  So for $1100 you can have a screaming machine for the next 5-7 years.  So everyone quit Bitchin about the Mac and all the quirks.  It’s more than paid for it’s trouble free service and thousands of dollars in business revenue each year.  That’s not counting the free software of photos and iMovie and iTunes GarageBand.  You can create a lot of stuff just with the free software let alone the paid stuff.  Windows/ Linux doesn’t give you that.  Sure there’s some hubs and doggles.  The mini is so small just tuck it under your desk out of sight. I love mine.  I can have photoshop open with 60 pics, three browsers open with 20 tabs open.   .  Netflix streaming on one screen.  And printing shipping labels without a hiccup.  No other company can give you that stability and efficiency to make money without worrying about “the computer”.  Windows still puts 10 wizards just to set up a damn network printer.  I set up 5 macs before 1 windows laptop got there’s connected.  
  • Review: The 2019 21.5-inch iMac 4K is iterative, not transformative

    macxpress said:
    elijahg said:
    Oh and the 8GB of RAM they've come with by default since 2013 is getting pretty damn stingy now, especially as it's not upgradable on the smaller model. The best model of both sizes should at a minimum include 12GB RAM, but why do that when you can rip people off with a £300 RAM upgrade?
    I have yet to run into any issues with 8GB of RAM I got in my 2018 Mac mini. There's no reason for everyone to have over 8GB of RAM today. Only people who care about specs care to have more RAM than they need. And yes, I even run my Mac in Windows, play games, etc and I've never had issues pertaining to lack of RAM. 
    I'd agree with you that 8gb of ram on a mini might be fine for the average user.  But that's only because the mini's all come with a super fast SSD standard in them.  all the extra ram usage goes to the SSD which doesn't miss a beat unless you really push it.  This is the experience you should be having with a base iMac but with a 5400rpm standard on the iMac forget it your going to be seeing beachballs all day and 15 second app launches all the time.   Apple needs to mirror their Mac mini line and include a SSD as standard on their iMac line in 2019.  Especially now that they switched to APFS format on their drives.  what's the point of APFS if they are still offering 5400rpm drives.....