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  • Facebook considers telling users enabling tracking keeps app 'free of charge'

    heli0s said:
    I joined Facebook in 2006, back when it was a completely different experience. Finally left all of their platforms in 2020 and never looked back. My mental health has been significantly better since.
    I envy you to be able to do that. Facebook is majority platform in my country and is the major channel to promote and sell things. So if I leave this platform it means the end of my income. Also every friends are on Facebook and even don't communicate via other platform. So unless you move to nowhere and do some agriculture there is no escape (and even so you may even have to use Facebook to find fertiliser vendor).
  • Apple reduces price of accessories not included in iPhone 12 box

    How .. is this any type of reduction. I'd argue by selling separately, it causes more. Unless there's a dramatic decline in number of headsets & power supplies purchased? Will almost gaurantee there will now be sudden, 'increased demand' for AirPods / Beats wireless.  :/
    It is the same as stores that don't give you plastic bags. People don't take it for grant and can/will seek alternative.

    Some may have multi-port adaptors like me, using for example 4-port Anker charger which can charge iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook at the same time. So I basically leave any adapters that come with the box inside the box until it is sold out as second hand, never to touch it. Same as headphone where I'm using AirPods or other brands and leave the default EarPods in the box. I think this is a good way. Only if Apple does offset the price (i.e. minus 2×$19), people will not complain at all. Apple made mistake addressing only environment and overlooked people's pricing perception and that ruins everything they are trying to do.
  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    crowley said:
    Maybe I missed it, but I haven't heard them say ARM once.  I wonder if that means anything.
    Apple CPU = ARM. They never mentioned it in iPhone and iPad since Apple A4. But we all knew it.