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  • Developers must disclose screen recording analytics tools or face expulsion from App Store...

    Apple’s intent to protect private data is obvious. Going forward, Apple should clarify the issue in writing for the indefinite future, and commit to *swiftly reviewing apps for compliance and approval. The presumption of innocence should apply. However, the penalty for those sociopaths who knowingly cross the bright line and steal user data should be permanent ostracism from the App Store. None of these software developers are indispensable to iOS users, because there is never a shortage of criminals when you’re willing to engage with them.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection summons emergency services, saves elderly man

    mac_128 said:
    That’s why my octogenarian mom now has one. Glad to know it works as advertised.

    I wonder if emergency services arrived before family members, and if so, whether they broke into the house to respond? I’ve often wondered what would happen in such a situation where the Apple Watch is doing the calling, not an actual person.
    Anyone with an Apple Watch and iPhone can be called before dispatching emergency services.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection summons emergency services, saves elderly man

    My Apple Watch has asked me on two occasions whether I’d fallen. I hadn’t, but in both instances my left arm was flailing about in an unorthodox way. On one occasion, I had lost my balance after tripping on an unseen obstacle, and luckily managed to stop the fall from occurring. But the Watch did correctly diagnose what was taking place.
  • Apple, Google have apologized for privacy issues but Facebook is just sorry they got caugh...

    I agree with the editorial 100%. On Jan. 31 the Washington Post reported on a study which found that when people quit using Facebook for a month, the quality of their lives improved — according to those individuals themselves, not an outside expert. Since FB has 2.3 billion members, it is doing a lot of damage to world happiness. It pollutes social life, and should be taxed like carbon emissions.
  • Apple employees met with AR waveguide technology suppliers at CES 2019

    tjwolf said:
    Can someone explain to me why any kind of 8k display is needed for AR?  [VR I could possibly understand - maybe].
    Picture-in-picture, multiple channels of media viewed simultaneously, extreme close-ups, 3D pictures, etc. Your question sounds a little like the one I asked back in 1988, when I wondered why anyone would ever need a 40 megabyte drive on their Mac, while I was only using 10 at the time. Give a man a tool, and he will discover new ways to use it.