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  • Apple's Chinese retail growth stalled by fraud & competition, forcing repositioning

    Although the overall Chinese market for iPhones is potentially as large as American or European markets, size is not the key factor in marketing. The marketing relationship between Apple and its Chinese customers cannot be managed in the same way as it is here. In addition to patent laws that aren’t enforced by Chinese authorities, relatively poor workers may earn far more in a day systematically gouging Apple than they can in regular jobs paying only $2-$3 per hour. Apple is frequently harassed in China for discriminating against Chinese “consumers” when the company cracks down on these professional scams. Longer term, Apple should make arrangements to shift iPhone assembly to robots in factories outside of China. Any tangible asset in that nation is a potential hostage to Beijing’s policies, which have been optimized to control others and plunder their wealth.
  • Hands on with Apple's ornate gold Milanese loop for the Apple Watch

    “The only downsides to a loop-style band are the limitations when it comes to docks. It can't lay flat on a dock, and instead must have access for the remainder of the band to wrap around behind the charger.” Check again. You can pull the magnetized end of the strap all the way out of the loop (attached to the Watch). Then, the Watch will lay flat, with the entire band (minus the solo loop) all on one side of the charger.
  • Disney will acquire 21st Century Fox assets for $70B after Comcast drops bid

    nunzy said:
    Then we can destroy Netflix, too.
    Why should Netflix be "destroyed"? And what's the copyright issue with them -- I don't follow.
    Netflix competes with Apple's streaming services. They are a danger to Apple.
    Every app/service competes with Apple’s native apps/services, and Netflix is only a single example. Most importantly, people buy iPhones and iPads to use those other apps — including Netflix. So there is a high degree of complememtarity between Apple and Netflix, even though Netflix does compete against Apple’s barely-existent video services. Overall, Netflix is not Apple’s enemy or competitor.
  • First look: Apple's official iPhone X leather and silicone cases

    I got a leather case for my iPhone 8 (not X), and it is both thin and attractive. I have never been a user of cases, but am a happy customer with this case. The case does not interfere with inductive charging.
  • 25% of Microsoft Surface owners report problems within 2 years, Consumer Reports finds

    "You're not holding it right."