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  • Judge orders Apple to access iPhone belonging to San Bernardino shooter [u]

    lkrupp said:
    Now would be a great time for all those asshat security “researchers” who claim OS X and iOS are riddled with security holes and are “child’s play” to hack into to put up or shut up. You say it’s easy to get into an iPhone? Then call the FBI and tell them how to do it. Otherwise you people are blathering hypocritical nincompoops.
    Those security researchers aren't talking about how hard it is to get past a 4 digit or 6 digit code to get IN the phone. 
    They are talking about security holes in the OS when someone is USING the phone.  Code executed thru web browser, apps with security holes, etc etc etc. 

    If iOS / OS X was so secure that it had NOTHNG to worry about, don't you think the government and the rest of the world would switch instantly? 

    Encryption and Passwords that wipe hard drives after 10 wrong guesses aren't what the black hat hackers are talking about. It's what Can happen while using it is where those "researchers" claims are TRUE.
  • 'iPhone 7' to return to flat back without visible antenna bands - report

    idrey said:
    KBuffett said:
    I want a BLACK iPhone. Not this Space Grey crap.
    I second that. I hope they have a black iPhone 7. I still have my iPhone 5. It looks so nice in black. 
    An all Black phone would be great but I also want a Product red with a black face. 
    Hope they don't stick to the 6 'look" I hate the 6 series looks. The 4 and 5 series had superior looks and feel. 6 looks boring and cheap. 
    If they are going to charge luxury prices, it needs to look and feel like a luxury item. 
  • Google surpasses Apple as world's most valuable company

    This is bad news. wall street knows that minor spec bumps on pc's and same ol thing each year isn't sustainable. iPhones sales are down because the S model was a minor upgrade. 3D touch is a gimmick. yes, it's fater, but that's not enough anymore. People now understand that iPhone is $1000 thanks to Next/Edge plans. Phone sales will continue to go down. Apple thinks it can just sit around and coast. They aren't doing anything. They spec bump and sit back down. No innovation going on. The phone OS looks the same year after year. The hardware gets a new haircut once every 2 years. Not good enough in today's market. Macs are just on auto pilot. Swap the proc and ram. Done til next year. I think Tim Cook needs to step aside, and someone needs to make Ives get off his ass.