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  • Apple plans to launch 5G iPhone in 2020, report says

    I'd rather see Apple settle their lawsuit with Qualcomm and go back to using their modems.  Their cellular modems are far ahead of anyone else.
    Me too.   I'm sticking on my iPhone 7plus and iphone 8plus till they return to QualComm.    I wonder if Qualcomm will get their modem chips down to 7 nm anytime in the next two years.

    Edit: I guess they are already there with X24 Chip.
  • As Apple's HomePod reaches multi-million unit sales, is a cheaper version necessary to com...

    I went with a small SONOS system instead of HomePod because of the wait.  
    I would be more interested in HP because of:

    1.   Siri Much Better.   Especially at handling the non-music questions that are better handed off to the phone.
    2.   HP's sold by the PAIR at a discount.  $650 or less and more people will be interested
    3.   a HPMax that is bigger, louder, and also has auxilary and optical in ports..  Yes that would cost more but stereo system are expensive.
    (it will probably be years before Apple does something like this).

    Cheaper - not interested.

  • 'iPhone 9,' 'iPhone Xs' and 'iPhone Xs Plus' pre-orders launched by Romanian carrier ahead...

    adm1 said:
    iPhone > 3G > 4 > 4S > 5 > 5S > 6 > 6S & SE > 7 > 8  & 10 > 9 & 10S.

    Since the 8 & the 10/X had the same internals, are they really going to release an "iPhone 9" that's more powerful than the "iPhone 10"?!
    I think there will be 4 new phones

    iPhone 9
    iPhone 9 plus
    iPhone XI 
    iPhone XI plus

  • Apple's cheaper iPhones are not the volume sellers pundits predicted: iPhone 8, X are

    avon b7 said:

    On switching, far from hating Android (EMUI), I liked it a lot and became dependent on certain elements that I now can't live without. None of what iOS users claim to be the hell of Android actually materialised. None of it. The opposite was actually true. I was freed from the chains of iTunes, email attachments actually downloaded to my phone, simple things (or things that should be simple) actually were simple, like attaching documents to mails. I had all the options to do things my way and not Apple's. Last September Apple actually changed tack on iPhone offerings and finally gave me a selection of phones that I could actually buy and that weren't that old. The problem now was two fold: features and iOS. There was little to nothing really attractive or compelling in the new phones and Android handsets were in front on many fronts (especially Huawei). iOS was just too limiting for me.

    The direction that Apple took with the MacBook Pro was also critical. Once again pricing was deliberately over the top and upsell taken to a whole new level with the need to buy everything you would need - over the lifetime of the machine - at the checkout and from Apple (and at Apple's margins). The wholesale move to USB-C was entirely unnecessary and it was put together in such a way that common repairs could not be carried out without affecting non-related hardware. It was a compromised machine on many levels and the keyboard is perhaps the last straw for some. Once again the competition has pulled ahead and once again it is Huawei pushing hard on all fronts including pricing. The MateBook X Pro is almost perpetually sold out.

    I feel some people, Mac users, are tiring and you are seeing some openly questioning Apple's direction. Yes, long time users and right here on AI. Those people are automatically labelled as trolls, whiners, idiots etc by some here. In their heads, criticising Apple shouldn't be done on an Apple centric site and in public, to boot. They forget that you are an Apple user or have been for decades, your opinion is just as valid as theirs and they will defend Apple at any cost. Blindly. To the point that when their arguments fail and even Apple backtracks, they continue defending. 'So what!' they say. To the point of wanting Apple to charge you even more so they can be the biggest company on the planet even though the product hasn't been updated and is technologically behind competitors.

    But no one has a TouchBar they say, forgetting completely the fact that the Touchbar has not been a noteworthy addition  to the line and if you want a 15" new MBP you're going to get it whether you wanted to spend the rumoured $300 it costs or not. And if it breaks out of warranty, it's another expensive repair.

    Huawei is relevant to me because I own Huawei phones and they are raising the bar. As an ex-iPhone user I am well placed to comment their developments. Sadly, many here prefer to talk about Huawei without knowing much or anything at all about current realities. People who simply regurgitate the same nonsense over and over. I will always point out a far more realistic viewpoint whenever that kind of nonsense is served up even if the result is being stupidly labelled a 'hater'.  I can't speak for Samsung because I have no familiarly with their phones. I prefer to speak about what I know.

    No company is perfect. Not Apple, Samsung or Huawei but in recent years I have definitely seen signs of the 'bad Apple' from decades ago. Arrogance and complacency wrapped up in questionable design decisions. From the Mac Pro, the missing Mini, the new but not updated MBP, battery problems, keyboard problems and a whole host of software issues.

    I myself, as a user, just said no to all that. I will not put money on something I find so wrong. It's my call.

    Apple wasn't always like this. I have a MBA and MBP that were great machines at purchase time and were attractively priced.

    However, there is nothing to indicate that Apple cannot or will not return to a different way of doing things.

    Those that say Apple will never do this or that with so much confidence have largely been wrong more than they have been right. That goes from inviting the press over to admit failings on the Mac Pro, to 'legacy' ports that still aren't legacy, pre-announcing hardware, reducing pricing, having a larger iPhone spread (and screen lol) and many other examples.

    So there is hope at least and Tim Cook won't be around forever and neither will Jony Ive who I suspect is the person behind some of the latest design decision goofs. I take heart in the fact that there have been rumours about a split within Apple on some projects and notably the MBP.

    I have no affiliation with Huawei nor do I put a lot of effort into comparing Apple with my 'favourite brand'. I am perfectly placed to point out where Apple is behind when people spurt out all the nonsense on Android handsets and specifically Huawei (a lot of it is just plain wrong by the way). AI is perpetually comparing Apple with Samsung. Google is a regular in articles here. Even OnePlus and Xiaomi. Huawei is simply another brand but it is possibly the one that is currently pushing the envelope more than any other in the smartphone space. I happen to know a bit about them - because I've been using their phones for a while now.

    Hope that answers your question, ;-)

    While I do think that Jonny Ive has been overrated as far as Apple's post Jobs success (his designs are good not great)  Apple did tried to elevate him as the genius to succeed Jobs.   I think a lot of Apple's problem with Macintosh probably are more the result of the work and decisions of Alan Dye and Richard Horwath who were more in charge of the day to day design work while Jonny was busy building Apple Park and putting up Christmas tree displays.   

    I still believe that the greatest strength of the iPhone is core of the iOS operating system which was created by Forstal.  Google has always been better at Services where it is search, the Google Assistant, or Maps.    Sometime I think that Google should have announced that they were leaving the iPhone.   I think many users would have swithed to android to keep their email and maps.

    If Touchbar had been a success we would have seen a desktop keyboard with it.   I would have loved a Laptop with TouchID but not TouchBar.   Sam    e with the wired or bluetooth keyboard.   I guess in a few years they will come out with FaceID on the computers if not this year.

    Hopefully they have fixed the keyboards with the next generation.    This is a big fail on Apples part.   Seems like Apple should have offered 3 Years coverage beyond what they user purchased under Apple Care.   If you bought 2 or 3 years of Apple care the Keyboards should be covered for 5 or 6 years - considering it is fundamentally bad product.    

    Cooks biggest problem is that he has under invested in important services like Siri and Maps at they don't make money with but still are important to the ecosystem
    The recent press stories (Panzarinno) about Apples new revision to MAPs have gotten Apple fans excited but have ignored three important points:
    1.    Apple Maps was born when Google created their own phone/OS and Jobs wanted to go ThermoNuclear over 7 years ago when Cook should have put maps into the high gear after firing Forstal.
    2.   Apple choose to pass on buying HERE maps.   If they were serious about mapping they would have spent the money to get an already established company.
    3.   Two years ago Apple Announced with great fanfare their Mapping Center in India. This was supposed to be the thing that would allow to catch up to Google.    
    Apples still in a Distant 2nd place and I don't expect this to catch them up to Apple.

    Cook's second failure is with respect to Siri.   Siri's short comings are well known.   I will only say that Apple is lucky that Amazon's Alexa took off before Google's Assistant with the home market and third party equipment like Sonos.   
  • Comparing Amazon's Fire TV Cube and the Apple TV 4K

    nunzy said:
     the the most important thing to know is that Amazon will sell your data to the highest bidder.

    Do you have proof of that?  I assume Amazon uses my viewing habit to sell more stuff to me.
    im ok with that?