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  • Goldman Sachs rankles at Apple Card's 'created by Apple, not a bank' line

    It is a team effort, no doubt.


    Who here (that has an Apple card) would NOT have an Apple card if Apple had not partnered with GS? I really, really doubt anyone would have cared unless Apple partnered with some soulless bank known for scammy behavior.

  • Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating

    this is all the product of american corporate greed. they steal our IP and we do NOTHING because we want make stuff as cheap as possible. we give them our IP just so we can sell to them. we gladly take their money to educate their children in our universities. their goal is to beat us at everything we do best. and what they can't beat us at, they'll steal it. and WE DO NOTHING. 
    AAAAND we, as customers, won’t pay to support local or USA stuff because it costs too much. That may not be corporate greed, but the results are the same. 
  • Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating

    As to the home invasion-

    I can’t speak to that one specifically, but in general when people die or go to jail criminals will take advantage of their absence and burgle their homes. Some even do it during a funeral when everyone won’t be home for a while. So perhaps that is what happened? 

  • Samsung brand ambassador sued for $1.6 million for using iPhone X in public

    Were I a higher-up at Apple I would suggest Apple pays this penalty for her.

    Nothing but an upside to doing that. Unless 1000s of their brand ambassadors start using iPhones in public :)
  • Samsung continues attacking iPhone and Apple Stores in ad campaign

    Man, SS must have a serious crush on Apple.

    Does this tactic ever work? They’ve been doing these Apple-obsessed ads for a while now, there MUST be a reason for it. Someone must think they’re working. For me this kind of advertising has caused me to avoid all things SS, which probably isn’t fair to the rest of their businesses.

    Some serious self esteem issues there at SS. It’s not an attractive look for a big company in my opinion. 

    Then again, I’m also jaded enough that I can’t stand the Subaru ‘Love’ commercials. You had me at ‘zero landfill’ and lost me at ‘love.’