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  • Apple douses rumor of impending iMessage release for Android

    I think that a lot of people miss the point that not having imessage cross platform actually degrades the experience for iPhone users. When you have friends and family on Android and they can't use imessage with you, that impairs your experience as an iPhone user. So going cross platform actually improves the experience for existing iPhone users. That is something that no one talks about. Not to mention that imessage is the default for iPhone users, so the only way to gain imessage users is to convince more people to switch to  iphone, which really isn't happening. 
  • Google I/O 2016: Android's Instant Apps seek to solve a key mobile problem

    jkichline said:
    DED actually brought up an interesting point... as long as Apple remains in the "underdog" position in relation to market share, it can't be considered a monopoly. But that doesn't relate to profits. So the idea of Apple maintaining premium products at the risk of a non-dominant market share may be exactly where Apple wants to be.

    Let Google give away Android and lose money. They come up with new ideas every year and every year they fail to establish a profitable ecosystem around Android. The only reason Android exists is out of necessity. But eventually these manufacturers will tire of making negative revenues on mobile and give up.

    There are only a few case studies that I have found for why users purchase Android over iPhone. First is they don't know better and just want a basic phone. Carriers are more than happy to sell them an Android device especially an older model so they can clear out the massive inventory. The other reason is purely financial so lower income families, students and kids are more likely to have an Android device, but many would rather have an iPhone.

    There is also a contingent who just refuse to buy anything Apple. In this case it's "religious" and there's not much you can do. I was chatting with a lady this weekend about an app I make and she was super-excited. She brought her husband by to show him. But when he realized it didn't run on Android, he refused to let her get an iPad. 

    Apple making their products VERY affordable and price is no longer a barrier to entry. So it's really just this stubborn opinion that Apple is evil. Apple is fighting on both those fronts and is making progress on converting Android users to iOS.

    With billions in the bank and billions coming in each month, they are not in a hurry. They have their strategy and are very patient.
    You have zero credibility based on your statement that the only people who choose android are either poor or ignorant. I can't believe we still have people repeating that line. 
  • Google I/O 2016: Android's Instant Apps seek to solve a key mobile problem

    A couple of points. First, I don't know about most users but thr majority of my searches are still done in a traditional search engine, primarily Google. Apps are isolated and not the most efficient way to quickly get at information. When i would search for info in spotlight, more often than not i would end up searching in google for my answer. So to talk like Google as a search engine is becoming irrelevant sounds like the kind of stuff apple fan boys dream about at night. 

    I don't see instant apps as a way to keep Google search relevant, but rather a way to serve up apps quickly  to people with limited resources, either in terms of phone capacity or data. 

    As much as Apple has tried to freeze out Google from their ecosystem, most people still rely on Google for their email or for search, and that's not changing anytime soon. Google still does online services better than any one else, and even Apple still lags far behind.