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  • Apple Card is now accepting applications in the United States

    This is a transcript of two "conversations" with Goldman Sachs.

    Goldman Sachs: so your (sic) wanting to see your monthly statements correct?

    Me: No. I want to download a report with the transactions listed.

    Goldman Sachs: At this time the only way to view your statements is in your Wallet. Downloading is not supported at this time.

    Me: That needs to fixed. Cannot analyze transactions without downloading a report. Especially entering the data in Quicken.

    Goldman Sachs: I can get your feedback over to my team for review. I do apologize about the inconvenience.

    Me: Cannot set up an account in Quicken for the Apple credit card

    Goldman Sachs: I do apologize , but at this moment we do not support Quicken.

    Me: That is unfortunate. We use Quicken to track our credit card and cash transactions.

    Goldman Sachs: I understand your frustration, but I will get with my team and hopefully we will support in the future.

    Me: Thank you. That is a major oversight.

    Bottom line: The Apple credit card is pretty useless insofar as using its data.

  • Hands on with our favorite features in macOS Catalina

    Previously created Pages documents crash the app. I reported it to Apple. Curiously Numbers documents are fine. 
    forgot usernamewatto_cobra
  • 2019 iPhone predicted to have triple-lens camera with super-wide lens, improved selfie cam...

    On iPhones, the 1X camera is not a "normal" lens. The 2X camera is not a "telephoto" lens. Why? In 35mm terms, a "normal" lens is 44 mm. That is the diagonal of a 24mm x 36mm frame. (See Pythagoras). The 1X lens on an iPhone is 26mm. Hardly "normal." It is a wide angle lens. The 2X lens is 52mm. Slightly telephoto. Try this experiment. Shoot a subject with both 1X and 2X. The 1X photo will appear distorted. The 2X photo is closer to normal. I only use the 1X lens for landscapes or if I can't get back far enough to get in all of the people in a group.
  • Apple cleaning hundreds of thousands of titles from App Store in Review Guidelines crackdo...

    I believe that Apple originally allows crap in at times to boost numbers for marketing many titles should not have ever made it into App Store in the first place.  But I am glad they are cleaning this up a bit.  Should do 2 rounds of cleanup and then make it a practice to do this every quarter.
    Look at this link.

    How many magnifiers did we need? How many flashlights? Etc. Many of my apps are being removed because they have not been updated. Most of them are collections of paintings by dead artists. It is doubtful there will be any new ones by them. Maybe there is a compatible issue with the new os. So what?
  • AT&T pulls plug on 2G network, ending cellular data for Apple's 2007 iPhone

    iPhone not the only thing that went dark.

    I received a letter from Nissan about the fact that ATT is turning off the 2G network Dec 31, 2016 which will result in CarWings going offline. We will not be able to use the Nissan app to communicate with the LEAF.

    Nissan want $195 for the upgrade.

    Here is my take. I am leasing the car. It belongs to Nissan. The lease expires the end of May 2017. Why should I have to pay for the upgrade? It was Nissan's choice to fail to upgrade to the 3G or 4G network. 3G has been around for over 10 years.

    I strongly advise owners to resist Nissan's effort to extort payment for what is clearly their mistake in failing to install the latest technology in an EV!