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  • Apple 'aggressively testing' OLED screens from other suppliers

    elfig2012 said:
    OLED for 2020...Apple always very late to catchup, where is the “one more thing” invention-Apple?
    What are you talking about? 

    Apple has begun to test OLED panels from other manufacturers in an effort to diversify its supply chain for the 2020 iPhone line up.

    Catching up to what? Diversifying it's supply chain for OLED panels?  Hahaha  Only thing worse than a troll is a troll with poor reading comprehension.
  • Editorial: Here's why the 'iPhone 11' will do fine, despite no 5G


    For everyone who thinks you will miss the home button...YOU WON’T!!!

    Any time I use a device now that has one it seems completely backwards.  The new gestures are better and you’ll get used to it almost immediately.

    I agree that the 7 is still a great phone...but man...my Xs Max is SO MUCH BETTER!!!
    Totally agree.  Came to the Max from and 8 Plus. First day my brain wanted to go to the home button after getting used to the new gestures I never looked back.  Makes using my IPad Pro 10.5 a little confusing sometimes. B)
  • All the TV shows Apple has in the works for Apple TV+

    Lots of empowered women - female centric shows. Overall this list is pretty depressing.
    Wow.. this has to be one of the weakest things I have read here recently.. female centric shows..  Just wow.  Are you using female centric as meaning having a female in the cast? Or was it the 2 documentaries by Oprah,  and then her showing up on stage at the announcement event that made you lose your shit?? Hahaha 
  • All the TV shows Apple has in the works for Apple TV+

    krreagan2 said:
    It's been so long in the "coming soon" department (years!), that I'm starting to loose interest... Getting less and less likely to order it when it comes out!
    Good thing you're interest has only loosened.. they haven't lost your interest totally yet. :|
  • Apple launches early access program for Apple Arcade

    So your alpha testers are being charged .49 / month?

    This must be a way to not pay your employees overtime, and avoid labor lawsuits...

    Company memo:
    Wink. Wink. “You don’t have to play and give us feedback if you don’t want to.”
    Also, “Please don’t print out your resume on company printers”.

    Apple sometimes does the strangest things.  It’s like the bean counters are in open warfare with who ever is in charge of “don’t be evil”.

    The way it written is confusing. It’s .49 a month with a free month. In a month the service will be launched with iOS 13. So the testing will have to be completed .. no ?

    “Apple has invested more than $500 million dollarson Apple Arcade so far, and is set to showcase over 100 titles at the mid-September launch.” 

    “The internal carry test program will draw to a close with the launch of iOS 13, according a report by 9to5 Mac on Saturday morning”.

    So employees after release pay .49 a month. As of now there has been no consumer pricing set.