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  • Apple HomePod versus Sonos & Ikea Symfonisk smart speakers

    There is one sentence that will prevent me from buying a HomePod: “Apple's HomePod is a fantastic home speaker. It connects solely over Wi-Fi and streams Apple Music natively, but nothing else.”

    A device which claims to be an audiophile grade speaker that only plays mp3 quality music and cannot accept other sources unless that source has AirPlay, which probably eliminates turntables for people who are vinyl purists, absolutely killed my interest in the device. I wanted something that could play the highest quality bit rate for digital and could play my high end vinyl collection as well.
    HomePod is a great speaker but do you seriously want to play your vinyl on a speaker this size, and not a larger component system ?  I have been throwing around the idea of getting back into vinyl and it near crossed my mind to try and use my HomePod for this over my receiver and component system? 

    It’s a $299.00 WiFi speaker that sounds great but to me doesn’t make sense to try and incorporate with an expensive turntable and vinyl collection. When you picture sitting back and critically listening to a high end vinyl collection doing it with the HomePod just doesn’t seem right to me. 

  • Apple sued for storing iCloud data on third-party servers

    ElCapitan said:
    ElCapitan said:
    The lawsuit is 100% appropriate.

    Apple has given the public the impression they store data in their own datacenters, and as Apple provides these services around the planet and customers in different countries should be informed where their data actually is stored so they can make informed decisions if they want to use the service or not.  It probably also has lead customers to believe they got an increased level of privacy (as spouted by Apple marketing), when in reality they got closer to Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft base level. If I knew my iCloud data was stored on Google servers, I would have ended the iCloud subscription immediately. 

    But of course for ex-Compaq Tim Cook, he don't see the difference.

    I think you are confusing your interpretation of what Apple said. They never said they owned the servers that house iCloud data, plus they don’t go into detail with the public on what data  is stored on those specific servers. Plus the fact that they use encryption which so far no one has been able to defeat makes it hard to present a case in which the plaintiffs or you were harmed.

    I am not confusing anything. Apple has made multiple announcements of how they are building large data centers for iCloud and other services, and have even given tours of them for journalists. 

    It has been generally assumed that Apple mainly have been hosting iCloud on Microsoft Azure architecture, but the servers running it were fully deployed to Apple owned facilities and locations. 

    Data hosted in other cloud services will necessarily also end up in their backup systems where they never should have been. They can possibly also be decrypted there because Apple can decrypt iCloud hosted data and have done so in multiple cases for law enforcement. When the data end up in a third party backup system it can also be restored to a different location and potentially be compromised. 

    This is also about Apple's integrity and trustworthiness. They pretend to have a holier-than-thou stance on privacy, yet completely fail to inform the customers that their data might migrate outside Apple facilities. NOT good!
    How can you say something is generally assumed and then think it to be worth a lawsuit when you are incorrect? Who cares if there were large announcements detailing Apple building data centers?  Are you saying this also not true?  You are making it seem as though they offered iCloud services and made announcements of the data centers they were building and then used 3rd party servers to deceive people?

    I also assumed as you did that they owned the servers where iCloud data is stored. I am not really shocked to learn that they had to use some outside services to do to the sheer number of users. I personally am not worried that my encrypted data will somehow become unencrypted and get out to the public. I trust Apple's security and encryption.

    iCloud secures your information by encrypting it when it's in transit, storing it in iCloud in an encrypted format, and using secure tokens for authentication. For certain sensitive information, Apple uses end-to-end encryption. ... No one else, not even Apple, can access end-to-end encrypted information.Jul 3, 2019


  • Apple Music launches Apple Digital Masters collection of high-quality songs

    mobird said:
    I would like to see Music replace all artists, albums, and songs in my Music library with the HiRes / Apple Digital Masters versions automatically. Glad there is competition out there (Tidal) breathing down Apple's neck. What I hope is not the case is that Apple only adding titles on a go-forward basis and limited to Apple Digital Masters. Many people including myself are streaming to higher end audio systems in the home and using HomePods as well, these systems benefit from higher quality streams and audio files/formats. The long standing argument by some that higher quality audio formats were not needed because people were using inferior playback devices such as  BT speakers, Airpods, and headphones (Beats) along with the environment that they were listening in were not justified should be put to rest. Obviously Tidal, HD Tracks, record labels, Qobuz and now Apple to name a few have realized that there is a market and demand for higher quality music.
    I agree with the need for higher quality music and I am excited about this.. .but how exactly is Tidal breathing down Apple's neck?

    Tidal has around 4.2M paid subscribers... 
    Spotify around 100M paid subscribers

    Apple Music around 60M paid subscribers

  • Apple investigating iPhone 6 explosion in California

    “Apple advised to Adata there could be a few factors that could cause overheating, such as the use of unauthorized charging cables and chargers”

    How are consumers supposed to know if the cables or chargers are “unauthorized”?  I’ve bought 1/2 a dozen chargers, and 20+ cables on Amazon in the last decade for my iPhone and IPad.  

    No one intentionally buys an “unauthorized” cable/charger...  

    Does Apple actively police what’s being sold?  I assume they collect money to authorize accessories, part of that money should go to enforcement, otherwise no one is going to pay it.

    AI could ask.  If Apple doesn’t, their response is lawyer speak BS.  If they do, that would be useful and relevant info...
    Any aftermarket cable or accessory  that is safe to use clearly has MFI on the box it comes in. I have used MFI cables in my car and my bedside for years without issue. 



    Here is some helpful info from Apple to help identify inferior knock off cables and accessories that may be unsafe for use. 


  • iTunes isn't dead! It's faster, streamlined and renamed Apple Music in macOS Catalina

    Vermelho said:
    FLAC support?! It is baked into mac os for a few generations now (play them from finder with preview). Licensing isn't an issue (and they do license dolby atmos etc) ALAC didn't catch on, and has a few minor disadvantages from FLAC, not to mention availability on 3rd party purchase sites including HDtracks.
    How has Apple Lossless not caught on?  It's also been open source since 2011 so nothing proprietary to worry about?

    Here is a list of sites that offer ALAC and FLAC as well as WAV and AIFF file formats..

    This is from the HDtracks webiste..

    HDtracks offers WAV, AIFF, ALAC and FLAC file formats.