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  • Apple seemingly inflates Podcasts app rating with new review prompt

    I manage an app for the company I work for. When I took over the app it had been around about 4 years and only had about 30 ratings, with the average in the low threes. I oversaw a major overhaul of the app that launched in 2018 and I hoped that the improvements would cause users (roughly 20K active users/month) to leave more reviews (hopefully positive). Instead we only got a handful of new reviews. Then in 2019 I had our vendor add a review prompt. Within 24 hours we had hundreds of reviews. In a few months we had over 5,000. Average star rating was 4.7.

    There is nothing shady about adding a review prompt. When I did it, I had no idea if it would 1) work, or 2) increase or decrease the rating. In fact I was taking a gamble because those thousands of new reviews could have been negative. And unless we are accusing Apple of doing something shady behind the scenes, they were also taking a gamble and in this case won.
  • iPad mini 2021 review: Delightfully small with few caveats

    My wife’s iPad Mini 4 was long overdue for replacement, so we got this model as soon as it was available. She is very happy with it.
  • iPad with titanium chassis reportedly on the horizon

    I remember when Apple used titanium in the PowerBook G4, or as people called it, the “TiBook”. I remember I was excited to buy it, but it flexed badly and scratched easily. If you held the laptop by one end, it would actually bend because the metal was so flexible. I also heard that its thermal properties were not great. When Apple went to anodized aluminum for its laptops I thought it was a huge improvement over the titanium models.
  • 'iPad mini 6' rumored to use same A15 chip as 'iPhone 13' range

    My wife has been wanting to replace her old iPad mini 4 for several months now, but I have to tell her to wait until this update happens.
  • 90% of respondents in Apple employee-made survey want remote work option

    There is nothing wrong with employees expressing their opinions to management. I know our team nearly universally desires to continue to WFH. As their manager I know that they are more productive and happier, why is this a bad thing? I think businesses who ignore WFH will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage in the future. You can fight the future, but the future will always win.