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  • Video: iPhone X vs Note 8 - Real World Comparison after 1 month

    vision33r said:
    Although I don't disagree with the articles findings but nobody that uses the Note 8 is going to go back to iOS devices.  That's because most people left iPhones are for other reasons that Apple refuses to address.  I use both iPhone and Android but I prefer Android overall because it just works better for me.  I can tailor settings on Android the way I like it without dealing with Apple's their way or the high way.  I was using the iPhone 7 Plus for 3 months and I simply had it with the lack of headphone jack.  I use my BT headphones everyday but when it's out of juice I have my spare earphones that I can plug in and I simply hate using the dongle which prevents me from charging.

    The other issue that most people hate about iPhones is that truly it is the worst media unfriendly device.  You can't just stick in any media file and just open video play and play it.  You have to use iTunes.  

    Until Apple figures out nobody likes iTunes they will one day get left behind by Streaming media sites and Google.  

    Note 8 has a bad finger sensor, no doubt.  But once you get used to it, I much rather deal with that than the constant Apple Facelock challenge.   There is not one day you can just buy an app or song without having to deal with the annoyance of entering your passcode or password on the iPhone.  
    You may be right about the headphone thing, although I cannot speak on that as I have never used my BT headphones for a longer period of time than the batteries would last, so I haven’t experienced that problem. 

    What I CAN say with absolute certainty is that you are most definitely NOT forced to post your media in iTunes. I personally hate iTunes and have successfully avoided it since the iPhone 4 was released. For videos I love Infuse and VLC and for music I used VOX before I signed up for Apple Music. Try them out. Especially Infuse, it’s awesome. Also, they are recognized as file sharing apps so you can plunk anything into them after a file transfer via iTunes when connected to your computer or me personal favourite, AirDrop. 
  • Video shows pilot sending image from iPhone to second plane at 35,000 feet with AirDrop

    ccakl said:
    Looks fake. If you look closely the plane icon on the top left indicates 'Aeroplane Mode' is on. If you try it on your iPhone when you try and send a photo via Airdrop when Aeroplane mode is on, next to where the devices would show it says "AirDrop. Tap to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share with Airdrop." In the video whilst Aeroplane mode is activated, as soon as he selects the photos to send, a device appears and next to it "Tap to share with Airdrop".
    Actually, you can be in Airplane Mode, still activate AirDrop in the Control Centre in the box to the right of AirPlay. 👍🏻