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  • Sales of iPhones down year-on-year despite popularity of iPhone XR in US

    lkrupp said:
    mubaili said:
    Apple must not talk itself into believing that it cannot gain more market share. It must act aggressively, speed up the cycle, and push more variety of devices, i.e., do what they have done to the iPad line up to the iPhone line up. 
    Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. The Macintosh has never had more than a 10% share of the worldwide market and it has been a success for Apple all these years. Discerning customers see the value and TCO of Apple products and are very willing to pay the mythical Apple Tax. When has Apple EVER had a dominating share of ANY market? They have literally created or boosted markets out of thin air (personal computers, portable music players, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc) only to see them dominated by cheap knock-offs and lookalikes. Through it all Apple has remained true to its mission statement to provide well designed, reliable, usable products that customers like to use. Again, tech blog forums like AI are filled with comments from a market segment that doesn’t value design, only cares about specs, and wants everything cheap.
    Well said lkrupp. Appreciate your insight as always. It’s the same stuff every year Android phones is outselling Apple. Apple is losing market share. Apple remains focused on the core mission. Mistakes made yes but mission focused. 
  • iPhone loyalty rates down to 8-year low, survey claims

    Hmm survey cited by CNET. Meh! ‘‘Tis the season to claim all kinds of crap about Apple  to fill a tech news cycle. Is there a survey on how accurate surveys really are? I wonder?!
  • iPhone suppliers seeing solid revenues in run-up to 2019 models

    Wow. Shocking?! I thought supply chain was tanking suggesting Apple sales were stuttering. This stuff is simply hilarious. 
  • Fall iPhone refresh may remove 3D Touch from all 2019 models

    This might be nothing but a rumor. A YouTuber among others reached out to Federighi about 3D Touch going away and the exec while not entirely forthcoming seemed to suggest that it's staying. Who knows? I enjoy the feature, be nice if it was incorporated in more 3rd party apps. 
  • New iPad and 16-inch MacBook Pro to begin mass production soon

    Let’s see what these new iPad Pros are all about spec wise. 9 to 5 Mac states the iPad starting production in July is a 10.2 inch version although no specifics beyond that. I’m ready to upgrade from my 10.5 iPad Pro but will wait and see if these announcements pan out.