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  • Benchmarked: Razer Blade Stealth versus 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys

    lkrupp said:
    wood1208 said:
    When you compare across the spectrum of users, Apple's laptops are definitely lot more reliable comparing to Windows. IBM said the support cost for MACs are lot lower than Windows machines. In this article, performance wise, compare the same processors inside than different Gen(7th vs 8th) and dual vs quad core.
    Okay, you forgot what the article was about. They took similarly priced hardware and compared them. The Windows box won, period. The last paragraph said that the new MacBook Pro would likely keep up but it is now considerably more expensive than the the Razer they tested. According to a significant number of users here and elsewhere ALL that counts is performance vs price and in that comparison Apple hardware is overpriced and underperforming trash. We’re not talking about macOS or the experience or anything else. We’re talking bang for buck and Apple loses big time.

    The whole narrative for Apple has changed recently. Now it’s about price and price alone. All the analysts, all the blogs (including AI), all the critics, all the trolls, have zeroed in on price as the be-all-end-all of value. This competition review proves the point. Dollar for dollar of performance, Apple hardware sucks and always has. To the new breed of Apple critics the concept of premium prices for premium hardware is anathema. They’re all made in the same factory and contain the same third party components as everybody else. So price is the only scale by which to make a judgement now. Apple has no reason to exist in this new world. Neither does BMW, or Tesla, or Cuisinart, or Hermes, or Rolex, or Gucci, or Coach, or Calphlon for that matter. 
    Lkrupp always keeping it real. Love your post. I think like some here I’m going back to iMore. AI is becoming C|NET slowly. Look I’m not rolling in money by any stretch but give me Apple’s experience over windows any day. I’m getting tired of this political, what the analyst are saying, gloom and doom centric crap. But hey AI has to make a profit I guess so have at it. 
  • New iPad Pro ad hammers home Apple's ongoing laptop replacement theme

    lkrupp said:
    So many people complain that the iPad Pro can't replace their computer. 
    Nope. It’s so many people posting on anonymous tech blogs that the iPad Pro can’t replace their computer. Apple deals with the real world and real markets. Desktop and laptop traditionalists who rant on tech blogs are not the real world nor are they the real market. In the real world and real markets the iPad continues to make inroads in the Enterprise, education, home use. The iPad naysayers are the crowd that, when Apple changes a single feature or option, blows a gasket because their “workflow” has been disturbed, making their whole installation “useless”. 
    Lkrupp you always get it right in my book. Well said. 
  • iPhone XR won't just buoy holiday quarter, but the beginning of 2019 as well

    It’s interesting he’s optimistic. Forbes is running an article ‘Apple’s newest iPhone has a serious problem’ of course spewing the usual gloom and doom for the latest handset. Of course their source is ‘respected’ analyst Gene Munster. So will be interesting to see what the report is next quarter. Analysts and their predictions just make me laugh. Although unlike many of you in this forum I’m no ‘expert’ on any of this stuff. But Forbes articles seem mostly to negative I’ve noticed. Just my two cents. 
  • Apple refining macOS 10.12 Sierra in new High Sierra 10.13 revision

    And the complaining starts. 
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