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  • Over $700 million in imports by Apple, Samsung & others held up by India e-waste authority...

    Who did they forget to grease? Obviously someone who can wield a big stick.
  • Hedge fund dumps Apple shares over fears of Chinese trade war

    Everything he sells will be bought up immediately at these prices.

    Might also be worth mentioning he dumped his Twitter holdings. He's doing a lousy job, this guy.
    Not “will be bought up”, but “was bought up”. Never forget that there’s always someone else on the other side of the transaction. For a widely traded stock like Apple there is no need for a market maker to buy and temporarily hold shares.

    You can’t sell shares unless there’s someone else who thinks it’s a good idea to buy at that price.
  • Class action claims all Apple Watches are defective

    I’ve had an Apple Watch from the beginning and it caused my arm to lengthen 2 feet. I have to get my shirts custom made now but at least I can pick things up off the floor without bending.

    I also think the watch might have caused a flat tire.

    Should I sue?
  • Rumor: Apple TV to get multi-user support, picture-in-picture with 'tvOS 11'

    After years of owning AppleTVs I am still frustrated by the friction in switching from one "channel" to another. AppleTV is great for long-lasting sessions such as watching Netflix or streaming movies off my media server but trying to bounce back and forth from live streams on CNN to MSNBC to NBC is an exercise in frustration. You would think that Apple could come up with some "favorites" mechanism that could go directly from one favorite stream to another instead of my having to continuously navigate through each channel's menutree as I switch from one to another.

    I won't even dwell on the propensity of each App/channel to forget that I'm signed in and require me to re-authenticate yet again with my service provider.

    It seems that Apple still is not applying "it just works" type product improvements to AppleTV.
  • Apple wins California DMV permit for testing self-driving car, could put tech on public ro...

    MacPro said:
    foggyhill said:
    You really have no clue what California looks like huh? 
    California has the most diverse driving conditions of the whole US, high humidity is probably the only checkmark it can't do.
    Snow, check, tall mountains check, very raining condition (far north) check, desert check, heat check, cold check, high traffic check, pedestrians heavy places (San-Francisco and central parts of LA) check, high altitude check, winding roads as fuck, check, most insane freeways ever, check, very high speed roads, check.
    All of this is a very compact space.
    It's the ideal place to test a self driving car.

    Its coming way way way faster than you think. Right now, the obstacle in many situations are more regulatory than technical.

    You missed a couple ;).  Last time I drove the coastal route from San Francisco to San Diego which I've done quite a few times,  I got rerouted around earthquake damage in several places and coastal erosion.  Otherwise one of the most beautiful drives I know of.
    All very good but you don't have potholes like we do in the North East. That's the only reason I can think that Tesla (designed and manufactured in California) has neither a spare wheel nor run-flat tires. When the salesman told me that if you get a flat, you should call Tesla, and they will sent a flat-bed tow-truck to pick up the car, I turned around and walked out of the dealership.

    I'm not convinced that "designed and tested" in California works for the rest of the country when it comes to cars.
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