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  • Leaked images of revamped iPad Pro and iPad mini show few changes

    dysamoria said:
    Eric_WVGG said:
    auuuugh I really hope this is wrong, I was so looking forward to a modern iPad Mini

    If true, we won't see a design refresh until probably 2024 ;_;
    What makes it “not modern”? Change for the sake of change is bad.
    here is what it means to me: new design with bigger screen means I buy the new model.. no redesign means I do not.

  • How to revive an iPod with a hard drive using flash storage

    Best device ever. Still my go-to device. Luckily, there are a few repair shops found on the Internet to keep my collection of classics running, with new batteries, and such, or able to convert them over to flash, as needed.  After investing in a wide range of 30 pin accessories, some quite pricey, I was not inclined to ditch everything and obey Apple’s latest directives to “upgrade” something that was working fine...i am sure they would rather I buy all new devices and accessories, but at least I still purchase a significant number of iTunes tracks from them.  
  • Apple Mac mini vs Intel NUC -- the lightweights spar

    Very nice article. While I am all iPad when mobile, and more, I have used a mini PC for years for my home media center, which provides easy access to streaming media, iTunes library and general web usage on the big screen. Very simple. Very affordable. A thousand times more useful than a standard streaming box or stick. It is the difference between “smart tv” and “Genius TV.”

     If it goes bad, I lay out another 300 dollars, and just plug the new one in, adjust a few settings, download my content, links, and settings from cloud storage , and a External drive of backups. The small form factor is great for the low profile setting, and with a small upgrade of RAM, it works like a dream. A second mini has replaced my home PC, and resides Upstairs in my office for general word processing, downloading to a printer, and maintaining my iTunes library. Obviously, my needs are very simple. While I hesitate to use the term “disposable,” the fact for me is that low cost, low hassle computing, where possible, sure removes a lot of the angst of purchasing and maintaining a single major hub in full form profile. Naturally, ymMV. 
  • Retro revisit: Using Apple's iPod mini in 2020

    There are plenty of ipods in use despite Apple's attempts to push s all to new devices and support.  Since I had over the years invested in multiple 30-pin players, adapters, etc., including a premium TEAC ipod dock/DAC for my home audio system, transitioning away from 30 pin would be quite an undertaking and expense.  So far, I am still making daily use of ipod classic (several working models in hand) and 30-pin infrastructure both at home and on the go.   Apple is going to have to make a much harder sell to me, with my extensive (and expensive) iTunes library of purchases, and 30-pin built world of accessories, before I make any big changeover.  Thanks for your article.
  • Editorial: If you can't see a market for the new iPod touch, you aren't looking very hard

    Still rockin’ the Classic.  Luv me some clickwheel goodness. Best device ever. 
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