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  • RBC, CIBC & other Canadian banks launch support for Apple Pay

    edmtrekker wrote: "Now I wait...for June ?? with first use at Starbucks."

    I've used ApplePay at Starbucks in the Toronto area for months now. Not that I much like their coffee, but it is not as bad as others like Tim Horton's. Sometimes it is convenient.

    I am able to use ApplePay at almost any place now that has contactless machines. There is a 
    little cafe at an apple orchard out in the middle of the country down a minor sideroad in King Township that accepts it but didn't know they did. I enjoy surprising cashiers when I pay with my phone.
  • New Samsung Pay TV ad takes shots at Apple Pay's retail reach

    adamski said:
    am8449 said:
    On a side note: has anyone ever used Apple Pay at a restaurant? 

    I can't imagine giving the waiter my iPhone to scan at the register. Do they bring the terminal to you?
    In Canada they bring the terminal to you, about 99% of the time in my experience.
    Why would anyone ever let the waiter take a credit card to their register? This leaves the opportunity for the waiter to write down the card number, expiry date and three-digit security code, and then rush home at the end of the shift and try charging thousands of dollars on an internet shopping site. It happened to me in Florida last year. If a restaurant does not bring the terminal to the table, I always accompany the waiter to the register, Apple Pay or not. Never let a credit card be handled by anyone else!
  • Apple Pay picks up 58 new US card issuers, approaches 1,000

    Prof Peabody posted: "There is not one single bank in Canada that is "on board" with Apple pay.  Not one."

    That's true at the moment - but the manager of my (Canadian 
    chartered) bank was rather interested when I told him I would probably not be using their Master Card much any more until I could use it with Apple Pay and that they should try to catch up with the times. And with American Express! It is also true that Amex is not accepted at all Canadian merchants. But I have been very surprised at just how many places I have been able to use Apple Pay. And I am letting the other merchants know that I am choosing their competitors where possible because I prefer the ease and security of Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay picks up 58 new US card issuers, approaches 1,000

    I think that "90% of retailers in Canada" is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is indeed surprising how many places here in Canada actually accept Apple Pay - even with only one issuing bank, American Express, supporting it. Chip-and-pin terminals are almost ubiquitous "up" here, and a large proportion of them are "tap-to-pay" machines as well. About half of the retailers where I have used Apple Pay in the past few weeks have been surprised to learn that they do indeed accept it. Apple Pay is wonderful. It's very quick, and I am so pleased that I don't have to carry so many cards around with me. My credit card number is not even stored in my iPhone!