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  • Elon Musk expects 'Apple Car' to be late to market, estimates volume production by 2020

    I would rather have an Apple car than a Tesla. 
    Apple has higher quality standards than Tesla.
    Apple's car wouldn't have all the flaws that Tesla has.  The flaws are so numerous, Consumer Reports was forced to place Tesla on its not-recommended list.

    Musk's Apple remarks show his sour grapes attitude.
    Have you looked closely at many Apple products lately?  I would say they're filled with flaws, bugs, and shoddy design (along with slow development speed). It's not the same company it was several years ago, and I doubt that a logistics guy like Tim Cook can lead Apple into a major new venture like cars without a lot of mistakes. 

    Tesla has had a tremendous head start, has a lot of credibility in the market and has a CEO who has very strong product and strategic instincts, which is not something you can seriously say for Tim Cook. 

    That Musk has good instincts and has the organizational power to make big, bold bets makes him able to move Tesla quickly in important directions (like Jobs could). Tim Cook has the organizational power but not the instincts, and that will slow Apple down, and be a burden against Tesla. 

  • Apple debunks rumors that it will stop selling iTunes downloads

    Apple has sabotaged a lot of products and features that long-time users have come to depend on.

    The reason this "rumor" got so much traction is that it does indeed seem within the realm of possibility. And the fact that Apple simply says "not true" and doesn't elaborate any further really isn't that much of a reassurance. 


  • Apple's Tim Cook, Jony Ive among most influential people in automotive tech

    This reminds me of those Scandinavian simpletons who thought it was a good idea to give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, before he had ever done anything for peace (and of course, the world has become a lot more violent and chaotic during his watch...oh the irony). 

    I don't blame Cook or Ives for this, it's just yet another example of society's supposed elites (journalists, politicians, academics, etc.) being utterly clueless....